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Mama’s Must-Haves: Reader Edition

Our third installment of Mama’s Must-Have Beauty Items is from YOU!  You chimed in with some of your favorite products that save time and help you feel your best. I’m so glad you did! This is an awesome list of […]

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Mama’s Must-Haves: Contributor Edition

Here are some must-have beauty items from our very own contributors! We're all busy working mama's and these products have been life savers for each of us. Maybe


How to Wear a T-shirt Dress to the Office

I've had this striped T-shirt dress since I lived in France in 2007. I have styled it and worn it many ways -but always with pants. In fact,


Mama’s Must-Have Items

images via:  1 | 2 | 3 & 3 | 4 | 5 As working mothers it's important that we take care of ourselves. In the very limited time that we

Zach and Lucy daycare style

Working With Style {Twins Childcare Edition}

We LWMs have been chatting about doing a kiddo edition of Working With Style. I loved that idea as Lucy & Zach often go off to daycare looking


Working With Style {WAHM Style Resolution}

I literally became a mom overnight. Most women do, right? One day you’re pregnant, the next day you’ve got a newborn in your arms. That’s not exactly how

LWM Working With Style

Working With Style {Shopping Your Closet Edition}

Since my last WWS, the nursing mom edition, my style hasn't changed much. And even though Jenn's WWS post encouraged me to find the dresses in my closet,

LWM Working With Style

Working With Style {Workout Clothes Edition}

The truth is, I have no style.  Especially since I started my new full-time online gig, I barely wear anything but workout clothes.  However, I do like nice


Working With Style {Lessons Learned Edition}

This Working With Style post was a real challenge for me!  I decided to just take a picture of myself before work each day for a week.  I

LWM Working With Style

Working With Style {Lunchtime Fun Edition}

I may have sent Tracy a text on a Tuesday asking her to remind me when I was scheduled to host "Working with Style" next. And I may


Working With Style {Stitch Fix and Big Hair Edition}

I feel like the older I get the more into wanting to have style I've become. As a teenager, you'd find me wearing jeans and thrifted t-shirts. In


Working With Style {Dresses, Accessories, and Thrifting}

Hey everyone my name is Jenn and I blog over at >Pdx Momma. I am a full time working mom in HR and a photographer in all my


Working With Style {Wish List Edition}

As today is Christmas Eve, we decided to share with you what our Working With Style Wish Lists are. We're hoping to usher in the new year with


Working With Style {A Size Smaller Edition}

I am admittedly not very stylish. And now, because I began a lifestyle change that includes a rigorous workout regime 5 months ago and have lost 18 lbs,


Working With Style {Nutty Professor Edition}

As you know, on a typical day, I work from home.  Many days, I don't venture further from my house than the three blocks to school drop off.

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