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Lilly in all her cuteness

Right Doesn’t Mean Easy

Yesterday afternoon I picked up my girls from school daycare.  While walking to the yard where Lilly was playing, I noticed her old teacher was there playing with her.  This particular teacher cared for Lilly for almost an entire year, […]

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Yoga With a Side of Guilt

A few weeks ago, at the encouragement of my sister, I bought one of those half-off the cost of 10 classes of Hot Yoga from Groupon. There wasn't much


Winning and Worrying

I've started working more recently.  I'm not the one picking up the kiddo from school most days and sometimes, I'm required to be out for meetings in the

overcome guilt

6 Tips to Overcome Working Mom Guilt

I have been a working mama for both of my boys’ entire lives. I’ve worked for the same company since I graduated from college. I have held a


Making Up for Not Being There

Between my posts on anxiety, exercise, and feeling the need to control something even if it’s just my son’s play room, I think this site has become an


In My Shoes: How I Came To Be a Working Mom

There were many layers, built over a number of years, under a layer of fear which lead me to become the working mom I am today. It was

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