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Working Momism {3}

Working Moms: It’s about everything but us. Do you dig our Working Momisms? If so, help spread the word. Pin it. Tweet it. Share it on Facebook.                  Let’s get an army of […]

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Glory be. (this is embarrassing)

Confessions From An Unorganized Working Mom

I'm counting on you here, ladies. I'm hoping to not air my dirty laundry all over the interwebs and stand here alone in shame. No really...there's a picture

sweet face

The Sweet Part Of A Working Mom’s Day

I sluggishly get out of my car, after a 45 minute drive. A drive where I zoned out so many times and wondered how I remembered all the

Ameda Pump

Traveling Working Breastfeeding Mom Tips

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I'm any sort of expert on any subject, because well, I'm not...especially when it comes to pumping while traveling. But


Working Momism {2}

Working Moms: Why don't you just make our checks payable to daycare?   Do you dig our Working Momisms? If so, help spread the word. Pin it. Tweet it. Share


I’m a Working Mom. Oh, and I’m a Wife, Too.

Things have been quite less than fairy tale-like in my marriage since right around the time we found out I was pregnant. Only recently have my husband and

hear it for the boy

Let’s Hear It For The Boy!

By Brandy Contributor I know we like to get on here and be all "RAH RAH...I am working mama...hear me roar!" but truth is, my household is a real

talking about work

Work, Talk About Work, Repeat

By Shannon Contributor  My husband and I are both high school teachers. However, this was never in the original plans. Deep down, I was too afraid to embark on

kathering and ry

Guess What? Sometimes It Actually Gets Harder.

By Katherine Merchandising/Contributor With so many things that are hard, the answer is almost always, "It gets easier with time." For the most part, I absolutely 100% agree with that. Just


Working Momism {1}

Working Moms: Our most important clients need potty training.   Do you dig our Working Momisms? If so, help spread the word. Pin it. Tweet it. Share it on Facebook.


Working Moms Exercise {Lunchtime Options}

By Brandy Contributor Due to the popularity of my debut post about working mom fitness, we have decided to start offering a series of posts designed to get you


An Open Letter to PTA Members: I Can’t Do That

By Alicia Contributor Picking up where Kristi left off, I’d like to pen this open letter to all PTAs everywhere: Dear Parent Advisory Council, I work. Every weekday, I am otherwise occupied

HEALTH Television 1

Coming Clean on Television

By Law Momma Contributor My neice and nephew watch television very rarely.  They play outside, read books, and do fun activities like coloring and planting vegetables and herbs.  When


Round Two At The Dairy {Pumping At Work}

  By Brandy Contributor Pumping. I am already hating it again and I am barely out of the first trimester. Don't get me wrong, I love breast feeding. I nursed


Just Me and My Van…and My Man

By Alicia Contributor Where I live, you pretty much need to drive to get everywhere. Our city has the distinction of being spread entirely out and the standing rule


Working Moms Rally {Social Networking Style}

By Tracy Managing Editor Starting LWM was twofold. First I wanted to get back into the blogging game and second, I wanted to provide support for other working moms.


Working Out in Your “Free Time”

By Brandy Contributor When I mention I work out most days, working moms look at me like I have 3 heads. Yes, I find time to work out at


What To Look For In Quality Childcare

By Tracy Managing Editor I’ve been thinking a lot about childcare these days. I hate to admit it, but we’ve settled on Abby’s current care. We were in a

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