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A Little Structure = A Lot of Productivity

I am currently a Stay-at-Home-Mom posing as a Work-at-Home-Mom.  Basically, I’m living off our savings in a new city and waiting to find the right job after our recent move.  I am a photographer but I have been working administrative […]

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Zach was too busy hoarding all the balls to smile at Daddy.

Learning to Live in the Moment

I thrive on lists. I love making them. I always have. Shopping lists, to-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, weekly schedule list. I love seeing it on paper

"I too sleepy my daddy"

A Working Mom’s Dream Routine

I'm totally about to brag here so, should you not wish to hear me exclaim how good of a thing we've got going on, please feel free to

10 Working Mama Meals

10 Go To Dinner Options

I was recently having a chat with a friend when she asked about how we menu planned.  After initialing laughing because we NEVER menu plan, I did note that I


Day in the Life of a WAHM {Work Edition}

This is the second part of a series of posts outlining a typical day in the life of a work at home mom.   Part 1: Morning Routine Edition 8:27


Top Apps for the Working Mom {Productivity Edition}

It is kinda known around the LWM round table that I am the nerd of the bunch. I am cool with that. I have been a nerd all

Doesn't this just SCREAM romance?

Working Mom SHAM?

I think it's time I came clean about something. Something I haven't exactly hidden, but perhaps haven't been straight forward enough about either. Something that has been messing

Wanted: Personal Assistant

By Tracy, Managing Editor Organization hasn’t always been my strong suit, but I always managed to get things done. I created systems when I was in college. My planner

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