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Value and Fulfillment

Abraham Lincoln said: Whatever you are, be a good one.  Some women stay home with their kids and I am, currently, one of those women. I am urging myself to be better at it because it doesn’t come naturally. I […]

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A Little Structure = A Lot of Productivity

I am currently a Stay-at-Home-Mom posing as a Work-at-Home-Mom.  Basically, I'm living off our savings in a new city and waiting to find the right job after our

Liberating Working Moms

The End is Near

After 18+ months of up to 8 times a day nursing & pumping, I'm so close to being done that I can hardly smell the breast milk boob


Much Needed Vacation

Ever feel like you just *need* to run away? From your office, your house, your husband, your kids, from feeling needed by everyone all.the.time? No? Me neither. But if

Miss you

Dear Husband, I Miss You

Things have been busy around these parts lately. Mostly it is my fault. First, I took off to MEET my internet BiFF Alicia for her 30th birthday, which

"I too sleepy my daddy"

A Working Mom’s Dream Routine

I'm totally about to brag here so, should you not wish to hear me exclaim how good of a thing we've got going on, please feel free to

Exhibit C

Sometimes You Just Have to Leave…

I am a very lucky woman. I have just spent 3 nights and 4 days away from home, away from work and away from reality. I ate my


The Best Part of a Working Mom’s Day

The alarm goes off at the same time every day. If you’re like me, you hit the snooze button at the same time every day, too. That way,

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