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I Can’t Afford to Work Part-time

I’m a wedding and event planner and I only work about 15 hours a week. It suits me well and I love it! However, I’m barely breaking even after the costs of childcare. My husband travels for work so 90% […]

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I’d Rather Be With You

I was given children's book about working moms and it ended with a statement that said, in words more poetic and rhyme-y than this: mom would rather be


Navigating a New City/Life

Um, we have a little problem... In my last post I wrote about how I needed some space. I've got plenty of downtime as my husband is travelling for

Easter Daycare

Holidays in the Age of Pinterest

In the age of pinterest, blogging & Facebook bragging, it's easy to get caught up in the holiday crafting spirit. And as a working mom of two 10

Liberating Working Moms

Sick of the Sick

So far in January, between Lucy, Zach, my husband & I, we’ve had bad colds {negative for flu & RSV} along with pink eye, then RSV for both

lone car

Working Mom Brain {Trapped Car Edition}

We've all talked a lot about working mom brain, and how that can make life chaotic. In fact, I think we've even established that it's mostly the "mom"

Look mommy, NO DIAPERS!

When Their Friends Grow Up

This morning at daycare drop-off, it was quiet. None of the usual madness that comes with a post-holiday weekend drop off. No massive tears from the kids who


Shangri-La It Ain’t!

I’ve noticed something for a little while now.  I’m a little insane.  And by insane, I mean – I keep doing the same thing day after day and

Scent Free Daycare

It Makes No Scents

No that isn't a typo up there, it's just my attempt at being witty. What I really wanted to say included the words "whore house" but I thought

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl

REAL Men Support ALL Mothers

I just overheard something on the street that got so far under my skin, it has completely derailed me. Instead of taking some sort of lunch break, or

Doesn't this just SCREAM romance?

Working Mom SHAM?

I think it's time I came clean about something. Something I haven't exactly hidden, but perhaps haven't been straight forward enough about either. Something that has been messing

"But mommy, I just want to dance!"

Working Means My Kid Can’t Dance

By Brandee, Contributor Awhile back, one of my favorite internet mom's wrote this post Discrimination Sucks, Yo. In it, Lisa discusses her frustrations about trying to find activities for she and her

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