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Moving Across the Country… Jobless

My little family has decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee! This means I’ll be leaving my job of 7 years as a project manager for a small (very small) marketing group. I’m excited for the changes… I’m excited to start […]

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My sick leave is going down the drain.

Watching the Sick Leave Drain Away

Over the past few months, I’ve had to take several days of sick leave because baby boy had a fever.  It was a weird virus thing that seemed

"I too sleepy my daddy"

A Working Mom’s Dream Routine

I'm totally about to brag here so, should you not wish to hear me exclaim how good of a thing we've got going on, please feel free to

Toddler In The Office

By Brandee Contributor Sometimes things happen. You know, like you're trying to sell your house and there is a showing at 4pm, and your car is at the dealership

When The Job Changes

By Krista, Social Media Liaison, Contributor I feel like I owe you all an apology.  Well, maybe not you, the person reading this, but to Tracy, Jess and Brandee. You

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