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Working Mom Lunches, Part II: Pita Melts

In response to my post on salad in a jar, I wanted to share another lunch that I frequently use. As a working mom who needs quick and easy lunches, I find that this is a nice hot alternative to […]

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Working Mom Lunches, Part I: Salad in a Jar

Meal planning. It’s something I actually look forward to! I create dinner menus and do our grocery shopping every two weeks, and I always look forward to trying


My Crock Pot is My Best Friend

I’m not paid or encouraged to sing sunshine and rainbows about this particular crock pot. This is straight from me without any outside influence mommas, so listen up!

Toddler helping with dinner

Making Dinner: A Love/Hate Relationship

  At the end of a long day of work somedays I love going home and making dinner. It just feels so... domestic. I truly love to cook and


Family Dinner: The Working Mom Conundrum

If you don't know me outside of this space, I am a little fanatical about food. Not in a "foodie" way like looking for the perfect kumquat to

meal planning for health, efficiency, and your budget

Meal Planning that is Healthy, Efficient and Budget Friendly {Part 2}

Earlier this week, I shared some tips I had for how I'm managing to keep up with efficient, healthy, and budget friendly meal planning.  I decided to break

meal planning for health, efficiency, and your budget

Meal Planning that is Healthy, Efficient and Budget Friendly {Part 1}

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you know that I’m on a big lifestyle change journey. It all started last May when I realized I

trader joe's dinners

5 Trader Joe’s Meals That Save My Sanity

The new life with 2 is going pretty well but I have to say evenings are a full on 3 ring circus. We have SO much to accomplish

LWM Working With Style

Working With Style {Lunchtime Fun Edition}

I may have sent Tracy a text on a Tuesday asking her to remind me when I was scheduled to host "Working with Style" next. And I may

Smart Snacking for the Working Mom

Smart Snacking for the Working Mom

One thing I am finding being back at work is the need for snacking. With my nursing calorie count (I swear this is like the only bone we

working mom meals across the web

Working Mom Meals Across the Web

Since I've been back to work, I've also been heavily hitting the Pinterest train, with hordes of great working momma meals. Doing so, has not only spiced up


Working Mom Meals: Eating Simpler and Healthier

Since I started working out and watching what I eat, my husband and I had to revolutionize our take on weekday meals. We used to eat out a

Freezer Meal Tips

Working Mom Meals {Freezer Meal Tips}

After 2+ weeks back into the working mom gig, now with a 4 year old and a baby, I'm oh-so happy I decided to get a bunch of


Working Mom Meals {Pinterest Success Edition}

There have been copious amounts of recipes I've tried via Pinterest. Not all good. But last night, I had a smashing success with Chicken Kiev, but instead of


Working Mom Meals {No Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal Edition}

I'm a month into my health kick, making life changes and not quick fad diet changes. For the first three weeks, I was mostly eating plain oatmeal for


Working Mom Meals {Freezer Meals Edition}

In less than 8 weeks or so I'll be on maternity leave. {Which I think warrants a whole post for itself!} Only eight weeks? Cue the head explosion! I'm not

10 Working Mama Meals

10 Go To Dinner Options

I was recently having a chat with a friend when she asked about how we menu planned.  After initialing laughing because we NEVER menu plan, I did note that I

Chicken Broccoli Ring

Working Mom Meals {Chicken and Broccoli Ring}

A few weeks ago my pregnant brain decided what it wanted for once. Most nights our drive home is filled with Me: so what do you want for dinner? Husband:


Working Mom Meals {Favorites From the Web}

While I love to cook, and while yes, I normally take a recipe and put my own spin on it, I'm not one to ever really "make something


Working Momma Win: Post-Holiday Lunches

Recently we hosted my husband’s family for Easter dinner at our place. My big kitchen, his big family, their big personalities. That place got loud, it got crowded

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