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learning to say no

The Power of Saying No

I’ve been described as a “go getter” and “enviously motivated” …amongst other things. It’s true. I pretty much feel like I can do it all if I put my mind to it. Other than physical limitations (I am not actually […]

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Opting Out, Leaning In What About Loving the Now

Opting Out, Leaning In – What About Loving the Now?

Lately in the news there's been a lot of talk about opting out, leaning in, and all kinds of other chatter about what moms are choosing to do


All Consuming

I’m a big consumer. I always have been. I just eat things up, figuratively and literally, and let it all sit, doing nothing to purge it all away. Overwhelmed


I Can’t See The Harm

“I guess I can’t see the harm in working and being a Momma” – Britney Spears Do you know what I love most about this space here? This Liberating


Control Your Crazy

A few weekends ago, I went to the national Hearts at Home Convention in Bloomington, Illinois.  I had never been, but a group of my local friends were

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl

REAL Men Support ALL Mothers

I just overheard something on the street that got so far under my skin, it has completely derailed me. Instead of taking some sort of lunch break, or


An Open Letter to PTA Members: I Can’t Do That

By Alicia Contributor Picking up where Kristi left off, I’d like to pen this open letter to all PTAs everywhere: Dear Parent Advisory Council, I work. Every weekday, I am otherwise occupied

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Dropping the Cross

By Law Momma Contributor I have this cross that I carry around with me.  It's heavy and cumbersome and it smells like laundry mildewed in the washer mixed with

"But mommy, I just want to dance!"

Working Means My Kid Can’t Dance

By Brandee, Contributor Awhile back, one of my favorite internet mom's wrote this post Discrimination Sucks, Yo. In it, Lisa discusses her frustrations about trying to find activities for she and her

Occupy This

By Sarah There are a lot of reasons why I have been paying attention to the Occupy movement these last few weeks.  Some of them include my liberal politics,

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

By Tracy, Managing Editor For weeks now, the hubs has been telling me that I need to make time to watch the new show Up All Night. I saw

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