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bringing kid to work on snow days

Snow Days

One of the benefits of having my son in a private pre-school is that (we were told) they are open on all the dumb federal holidays that we normal working folk do not get off. Also, the sign in the […]

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The Homeschool Aspect of Working From Home

We've known for a couple of years we wanted to homeschool our children. Believe me when I say that prior to my husband joining the military for a


5 Great On-the-Go Snacks

For a long time, every evening was a battle. Inevitably, I would pick the girls up from school and on the drive home Rylee would ask for a


Freaking Out About Kindergarten

I had a freak-out moment at work today.  I decided to look at the webpage of the elementary school where our daughter will be starting kindergarten in 6

kids soccer

Well Rounded Child or Over Tired Parents?

Amongst my colleague working mamas, we all share our woes. Sleepless nights, trying to make dinner in a short time frame, hating daylight savings and trying to run ALL


Does “Free” School Exist?

My husband Jon and I got a super surprise when we decided to have a baby – we ended up with fraternal twins. In the two hour conversation


My Kid Prefers Me Over School

At the end of last school year, Abby began to despise going to school. Since I’m the first to leave for work in the morning, it’s up to


Is it September Yet?

Last night, after running with my local running group (in 101 degree heat) I casually mentioned to an acquaintance that I am feeling ready for school to start.

aj backpack

Wanted: Someone to Go the Extra Mile with My Son

I knew that being a work-outside-the-home mom would pose some logistical challenges. I knew I'd have to excuse myself from meetings that run late in order to get


From a Working Mom to Teachers: Thanks, for saving my sanity

You know what's probably the best Teacher Appreciation gift? The weekend. You know when we should have Teacher Appreciation week? The week before Christmas. My kids are nuts then. Bouncing off the

Parent Teacher Conference

School Communication: A Working Teacher Mom’s Perspective

Although many won’t admit it (at least not on the World Wide Web), the teachers I know generally don’t like having to contact parents. We don’t want to

Mike and trio preschool 2011

Feeling Judged {Preschool Edition}

After much thought and (mostly internal) debate, I've tentatively enrolled my three little ones (4, 2, and 2) in full-day preschool next year. I honestly feel like this is

...they're just so cuuuuute...

Does Working Mean My Kids’ School Day Is a Mystery?

I had a conversation the other night, a short one, with a fellow working mother. We met up at a fundraising meeting and discovered at the end of

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