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Give Me a Break

Last Thursday I escaped. I hopped onto a plane and left my real life for 4 days and visited my best friend and her sweet little family. Just me, no husband or kiddo in tow. I really needed a break. […]

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Top 6 Songs to Make You Feel Sexy

Recently Suz brought up the fact that a search term coming into the LWM land is "working mom sex". We giggled. We nodded. We all started thinking. It's

sex and the working mom

Sex and the Working Mom

Our most searched term leading people to liberating working moms has to do with s.e.x. Yet we rarely write about it. But I'm feeling brave or crazy or both


A Working Mom Birthday: Me Time Galore

Last year, I worked on my birthday like any mature adult would. I taught my students, and when other teachers informed them that it was my birthday, they


The 2 Hour Sprint

"I believe I can see the future because I repeat the same routine." - NIN Let's start with the fact that I love routine. It makes me feel like


The Husband Factor

A recent post by Mike and Heather Spohr dealing with working from home at Huffington Post made me a chuckle.  I've followed their main blog, "The Spohrs are Multiplying"  for


Date Night: A Necessity

I’m two weeks into a new school year, I’ve learned all my students’ names, I’ve submitted six assignments into our online grading system, I’ve met a handful of

Miss you

Dear Husband, I Miss You

Things have been busy around these parts lately. Mostly it is my fault. First, I took off to MEET my internet BiFF Alicia for her 30th birthday, which

Amanda and me

Friends from Two Different Worlds

So, I asked a friend of mine who is also a working mom what she wanted me to address here at LWM. The first topic that came to

Mannlymama and Heir to Blair

Finding Your Mommy Soul Mate

Or at least some mommy friends. After Keanne's guest post about needing more mom friends and my comments, I had a lot of questions via Twitter and e-mail

est. 2005

What About the Romance?

We talk a lot on here about making our kids happy, making ourselves happy, schedules & priorities. But what about making those working dads happy too? Brandy talked

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