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5 Tips for Finding {and Keeping!} a Great Sitter

5 Tips for Finding {and Keeping!} a Great Sitter

Next month our amazing sitter of over a year is moving home with her husband. So we’ve started looking for (and hopefully found) a new sitter to give me a few hours to work and also watch Bella for our […]

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Freelance Blogging isn't a Paid-by-the-Hour Job

Freelance Blogging isn’t a Paid-by-the-Hour Job

I've been working from home as a freelance writer and blogger for 2 years now. I make what equals out at the end of the year to a

Confidently Loving What I Do

Confidently Loving What I Do

I have this strange hesitation to ever tell people how very much I adore what I do. How each morning I wake up to my dream jobs -

In the Military? Out of Luck for a Free Breast Pump.

In the Military? Out of Luck for a Free Breast Pump.

Being a military “dependent”, we are offered nearly the same kind of coverage as our spouses, with also the ability to pay more to be seen off post.


Seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel {Finances Edition}

Before we decided to start a family, it was important for both my husband and I to own a house.  You see, both of us grew up with

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What is your time worth?

We've all heard the cliche - "There are only so many hours in a day."  Never is this more true than when it is said by a working


Working Moms as Family CFO

Jennifer Owens had an interesting article on Huffington Post recently - "Give Yourself a Promotion: Why Mom's are the New Family CEO."  Within the post, Owens mentions that


Money and the WAHM

Working from home has a million trade-offs.  I knew this from the beginning.  I'm giving up certain aspects of a career -- everything from eating lunch with colleagues

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Unexpected Single Income Household

When I first imagined that label being applied to our family, it looked much different.  I imagined myself as a happy little housewife to a hard-working husband and


Budgeting My Hard Earned Cash

With August just around the corner, my thoughts have turned to budgeting.  August is always an expensive time of year for us.  During the summer I typically work


It’s All About the Benjamins, Baby

{Yes, I can relate every post to a 90s song. Try me.} Summer is coming, and since I have chosen not to work during the summer, my brain is spinning

Will Work For Money

I Work For Money

Well duh right? Of course I do. Lately we (the interwebz and the ladies here at LWM) have been talking about the "type" of working moms we are.


The Cost/Benefit Analysis of a Working Mom

I am a mom who works, for a lot of reasons.  I enjoy the field I work in and I enjoy my job.  Working in a job I

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