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Value and Fulfillment

Abraham Lincoln said: Whatever you are, be a good one.  Some women stay home with their kids and I am, currently, one of those women. I am urging myself to be better at it because it doesn’t come naturally. I […]

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Liberating Working Moms

Missing Moments

As working parents, we are often away from our children for hours upon hours every week. It's a necessity. It's everyday. It's part of our life. We choose caregivers


How I Deal with Infertility as a Working Mom

Going through infertility treatments in itself can become very lonely. It can dominate our quality of life, cause us to lose and gain friends, and can cause us

Getting to 50/50

What We Gain from Working

I feel like as working mothers, we often hear {& even talk amongst ourselves} of what we lose by having a career and family. Things like extra time

Organized Chaos

My House Isn’t Clean, It’s Lived In

Have you ever seen those signs that say: “Don’t mind the mess, we’re busy making memories.” I need a big fat one on my front door. As I sit on

Confidently Loving What I Do

Confidently Loving What I Do

I have this strange hesitation to ever tell people how very much I adore what I do. How each morning I wake up to my dream jobs -

Getting to 50/50

Getting to 50/50 {Review and Giveaway}

I would say, as working moms, we, writers & readers of LWM, strive for 50/50 relationships with our spouses at home & at work, right? I know I

Liberating Working Moms

Keeping My Head Up

I've been drowning swimming treading water at work for a few weeks now. My attempts at staying on top of things, staying afloat if you will, much less


How To Make The Most Of Weekday Hours

When our kiddo started going to daycare (around 9 months old), I cut back my work hours so that I would get to see him during the week

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Literally Working From Home. Part 2.

A couple of weeks ago I posted on how I'm no longer physically able to work out of the home writing anymore. This pregnancy has taken a toll


World’s Okayest Mom

So I realize that my last post here in LWM was a little eeyore, emo, womp-wompish. I don't get like that very often but when work is busy,


Life Changes While Working

This summer, I'll be having a baby. Hopefully sometime between July and August if this little guy decides to cooperate. We'll also be moving across the country. My


The 2 Hour Sprint

"I believe I can see the future because I repeat the same routine." - NIN Let's start with the fact that I love routine. It makes me feel like

Liberating Working Moms

Why Moms Make Great Employees

I really loved Law Mama’s recent post on Mothering the Workplace.  The qualities she outlined - making good choices, cleaning up messes, and using nice words - are


Interview with Nancy Holtzman from Isis Parenting {Part 2}

Last week I introduced you to Nancy Holtzman, co-founder of Isis Parenting. Hopefully you have had some time to check her out by now. I know she has

Learning to Say No

Learning to Say a Two Letter Word

Oh, the word that causes me to cringe, to rethink my time management, to wait with baited breath for the other person to get upset. That little two

kids soccer

Well Rounded Child or Over Tired Parents?

Amongst my colleague working mamas, we all share our woes. Sleepless nights, trying to make dinner in a short time frame, hating daylight savings and trying to run ALL

The boys 2

Unexpected Single Income Household

When I first imagined that label being applied to our family, it looked much different.  I imagined myself as a happy little housewife to a hard-working husband and

Liberating Working Moms

How I Make It Work {Multiples Edition}

I shared a couple weeks ago why, as a mom of young twins, I chose to go back to work. Tracy & others have asked me how I


Is Being a Working Mom Hard?

Last week, my mom and I went on the hunt for pajamas for my toddler. One would think that since it’s still over 90 degrees outside daily in

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