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road trippin

My Experience as a SAHM

Let me update you on my life. We packed up our entire house (but we gave away and donated half of it first). We’ve been fostering him for 2 years and we finalized his adoption on Valentines Day 2014. We […]

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A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way

In my job, 99% of the interaction I have with the people I work with is done by email & over the phone. We meet when they are

Liberating Working Moms

A Whole New World

During the school year, we choose to have Abby take one YMCA class at a time, except for over the holiday season as we've got enough on our


All My Friends are Online

I'm not sure what I thought parent/adulthood would be like.  I imagined a husband, kids, a job, managing finances, buying cars... you know, the stuff commercials are made


Working on Friendships

When summer comes around and I’m whisking Abby off to various activities, I’m hopeful for new friends, not only for the kiddo, but also for me. And then


One Working Mom Surprises Another

So here's a treat for y'all...which has to do with working moms taking breaks. Don't we all need a little fun? We do. We really really do. Last week I

Amanda and me

Friends from Two Different Worlds

So, I asked a friend of mine who is also a working mom what she wanted me to address here at LWM. The first topic that came to

Mannlymama and Heir to Blair

Finding Your Mommy Soul Mate

Or at least some mommy friends. After Keanne's guest post about needing more mom friends and my comments, I had a lot of questions via Twitter and e-mail


Wanted: Friends for Working Mom and her Toddler

ISO: Friends 30-something working mom of a 2.5 year-old boy seeks fellow working mom w/ toddler for play dates and companionship who won’t freak out if my kid hits

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