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I’d Rather Be With You

I was given children’s book about working moms and it ended with a statement that said, in words more poetic and rhyme-y than this: mom would rather be with her child than at work. I don’t exactly know why but […]

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work life balance

Work/Life, Balance? (resume and interviewing tips)

As a working mom in HR I am constantly thinking about work life balance. What it means to me personally, and how I can sell our company culture

Getting to 50/50

Getting to 50/50 {Review and Giveaway}

I would say, as working moms, we, writers & readers of LWM, strive for 50/50 relationships with our spouses at home & at work, right? I know I


Working Moms and Socioeconomic Disparity

Liberated:  To set free, as from oppression, confinement, or foreign control. A few years ago, I learned about an alarming phenomenon from colleagues in the ‘biz’ of training daycare

I hung this sign in my office... to remind me.

Mothering the Workplace

I have spent a good deal of time thinking about how my job outside of the home makes me a better mother but lately, I've realized the reverse

LWM 1 year old

Liberating Working Moms: A Year Later

One year ago today, I launched LWM. It's been a long hard year as we found our voice, totally revamped our look, added new working momma's and fought

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Good Reads {Contributor Edition}

By Tracy Managing Editor I feel like there has been a lot of fist pumping going on around, and not the Jersey Shore kind. But rather, working mommas are

We Need Your Help

  By Tracy Managing Editor Liberating Working Moms has been around for nearly 6 months. In such a short amount of time we've grown so much. And in doing so,

A Growing Community

By Tracy Managing Editor I wanted to take some time again, to thank all of you for coming to visit us here at Liberating Working Moms. It means a

napping cuteness

The Comforts Of A Break

By Tracy Managing Editor     This post is sponsored by Tempur-Pedic, the brand millions of owners trust to deliver their best night’s sleep every night. Enjoy our Buy 2, get

Calling All Working Moms

By Tracy, Managing Editor I wanted to first take some time out to thank you all for your continued support. I'm amazed at the warm welcome all of you

Good Reads From Other Working Mommas

Compiled By Tracy, Managing Editor I've been super busy keeping up with this blog and trying to wrap my brain around the impending school year, but over the past

Good Reads From Other Working Mommas

Compiled By Tracy, Managing Editor When we aren't busy being working mommas, and writing about it all, we try to find time to read other blogs. And since we

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