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When Child Rearing Doesn’t Go As Planned {Breastfeeding Edition}

One thing I’ve learned as a mom is that there’s no such thing as a perfect birth or child rearing experience. There’s always something that doesn’t quite go the way you planned or imagined – something that continues to nag […]

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Snow Days and the Working Mom

The forecast Monday mentioned the 's' word. I was already juggling working while L was home sick {under my Dad's care} getting over a case of pneumonia. So

Liberating Working Moms

Keeping My Head Up

I've been drowning swimming treading water at work for a few weeks now. My attempts at staying on top of things, staying afloat if you will, much less

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Work-at-Home, Semi-Single Mom

Allow me to introduce myself!  I am Lindsy, work at home, semi-single, foster mom.  I am a free lance photographer and I also work from home, Monday through

Formula: A Working Mom Reality Check

Formula: A Working Mom Reality Check

When I went back to work with Landon, we had nursing down pat. No more latch issues, a great 3 hour schedule and I was confident. I had

a letter to my ceo

A Letter to my CEO

Dear Dr. Goodnight, First off, thank you. Thank you for...well...everything. My job. My husband's job. My benefits. His benefits. Our flexible hours. All of it. I am very humbled by

PPD working mom

PPD and the Working Mom

Hi. I'm Brandy and I have suffered from postpartum depression/anxiety...twice. I had no idea how to start this post so lets just shine light on the elephant in


Working Mom of Special Needs Child Needs Support

I work full time, and I just started a brand new job with better money and much more responsibility.  It was a great career move.  However, my 20


A Working Mom’s Battle with Anxiety and Fear

This is a hard post to write. It’s one I’ve digitally and mentally trashed multiple times. But I figured, what the hell? I’ve put so much of myself


All Consuming

I’m a big consumer. I always have been. I just eat things up, figuratively and literally, and let it all sit, doing nothing to purge it all away. Overwhelmed


Rolling With The Punches: Routine Change

I'm reaching for the red pepper when I hear it. SPLAT! Juice? Water? Orange slice? Milk from a cereal bowl? I do a systems-check roll call somewhere deep


Shangri-La It Ain’t!

I’ve noticed something for a little while now.  I’m a little insane.  And by insane, I mean – I keep doing the same thing day after day and

Woman Yelling at Cell Phone

Working Mom + Technology = Meltdown

Have you ever cried over a cell phone? No, seriously. I had a complete and total meltdown over technology this week. Because I’m over technology. It’s supposed to

Work Life Balance signpost

The Art of Working Through Distraction

"Bella puked at school. She's waiting at the office for you." This is the call I got Wednesday morning at my office. 9:30am as I was stuffing my face

Leaving The Stress At The Door

By Katherine Contributor Oh friends, these last couple of weeks have been rough on this working mama. These last couple of days in particular. I touched on it here a few

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

By Katherine Contributor You know the song right? I'm talking about the Christmas song that every time I hear it I can't help but smile and sway back and forth. At

Sometimes Routines Go Out The Window

By Katherine, Contributor I am more than a little bit type-A. I like my schedules, my routines, my lists. This little personality trait might just be the reason I always

my peaceful view

Great Expectations

By Jess, Contributor What a week.  Actually what a few weeks.  I seriously feel like a broken record when I tell friends or family that I've been slammed at

Keeping It Together {Trying To}

By Brandee, Contributor I’m quite sure I haven’t got this whole working mom thing down to a science yet; in fact I know I haven’t. Further, I don’t think

Change Isn’t Always For The Best

By Tracy, Managing Editor One little question. That’s all it took to put me in a spiral of anxiety. The person who asked this question had no clue what

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