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My Experience as a SAHM

Let me update you on my life. We packed up our entire house (but we gave away and donated half of it first). We’ve been fostering him for 2 years and we finalized his adoption on Valentines Day 2014. We […]

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Sharing the Load

My husband and I both work full time, which means we both have the same amount of time in our days/weeks/months to procrastinate cleaning. Wait. Yep. I've already confessed to you


Rhyme nor Reason: Cleaning Habits of a WAHM

I love a clean house. I just love walking into a room that is all bright and shiny and organized. It's like some kind of a 30 year

cleaning schedule

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Download

When I posted about my weekly cleaning schedule a year ago, I had no idea how much it would have resonated with so many people.  It's our number

Liberating Working Moms

Easing in to New Routines

My summer vacation is just about halfway over.  We’ve developed our routines, packed with ballet, swim lessons, and jaunts to the park.  We’re staying up late and sleeping

Liberating Working Moms

A Working Mom’s Choice to be Lazy

This is a true story. The other night, I went to the gym later than I had hoped to and I just didn’t feel like cooking. I picked


The Need to Control Something

As I picked up my son’s clothes off the bathroom floor and walked into his bedroom to drop them in the hamper for the 7th night this week,


That Time I Did the Parent Thing Alone {Lessons Learned}

I will by no means ever complain about having to take on extra parental responsibilities when my husband goes out with friends or goes out of town 1)

Liberating Working Moms

How I Make It Work {Multiples Edition}

I shared a couple weeks ago why, as a mom of young twins, I chose to go back to work. Tracy & others have asked me how I


Working Moms Can Craft! {A Fall Foliage Garland}

  I love doing crafts with the kids.  We do 2-3 per week!  Most are pretty simple and kid driven, meaning I try to do something related to what

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I thought I’d have time…

Naively, I thought that as soon as my trio started full-day (8:30-2:30) preschool I'd have oodles of time on my hands.  I'd manage to get my work done,

cleaning schedule

A Working Mom’s Cleaning Schedule

I'm not a fan of cleaning the house. Even before Abby came along I wasn't a fan of spending my free time on the weekends cleaning house. I'm

to do list

A Working Mom’s Vacation: Time to Do Everything

Last year, when I “took the summer off,” I stayed home with a newborn, got very little sleep, folded very little laundry, and watched 162 baseball games. This

Working Mom Lists

Vital to my Survival {Working Mom Lists}

I've always been a list maker -- even pre-children I always had a legal pad that I carried around school with my on-going list.  As soon as I


WAHM: Desk Space Feng Shui

About two weeks ago, I moved my desk from it's previous location in the basement playroom to the guest bedroom in an attempt to secure a quiet, kid-free


Sufferage…what happens sometimes when you work

I don’t work a particularly stressful job outside the house. Sure, there are parts of it that make me want to pull my hair out, like any job

oh there'll be a post on THAT reminder, trust me:)

Life in a Swipe: Organization of a Working Mom

I used to keep everything on a calendar at home...when I stayed at home. It had big spaces, lots of room to write, I had it colour coded


Top Apps for the Working Mom {Productivity Edition}

It is kinda known around the LWM round table that I am the nerd of the bunch. I am cool with that. I have been a nerd all

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