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Sharing the Load

My husband and I both work full time, which means we both have the same amount of time in our days/weeks/months to procrastinate cleaning. Wait. Yep. I’ve already confessed to you all that our house isn’t really clean, it’s “lived […]

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cleaning schedule

Weekly Cleaning Schedule Download

When I posted about my weekly cleaning schedule a year ago, I had no idea how much it would have resonated with so many people.  It's our number


Working Mom Weekends

In my prior life before kids, weekends were a mix of fun & relaxation. I cleaned {occasionally} after work & leisurely ran errands {by myself!} during my lunch


How To Make The Most Of Weekday Hours

When our kiddo started going to daycare (around 9 months old), I cut back my work hours so that I would get to see him during the week


Top 6 Songs to Make You Feel Sexy

Recently Suz brought up the fact that a search term coming into the LWM land is "working mom sex". We giggled. We nodded. We all started thinking. It's


The 2 Hour Sprint

"I believe I can see the future because I repeat the same routine." - NIN Let's start with the fact that I love routine. It makes me feel like

Liberating Working Moms

Outsourcing for the Working Mom {Housework Edition}

I took a second job. My husband got a new job that would require longer hours. My son’s birthday party was fast approaching. My house? A mess. I’ve

Liberating Working Moms

Late Nights Make My Days Easier

Now that I’m back to my full-time teaching job after a completely exhausting family trip to Disney refreshing spring break week, all of my many responsibilities have returned.

Liberating Working Moms

A Working Mom’s Choice to be Lazy

This is a true story. The other night, I went to the gym later than I had hoped to and I just didn’t feel like cooking. I picked

Zach was too busy hoarding all the balls to smile at Daddy.

Learning to Live in the Moment

I thrive on lists. I love making them. I always have. Shopping lists, to-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, weekly schedule list. I love seeing it on paper


On After-School Meltdowns and Letting my Kid be the Boss

Last month there was a stretch of time when it seemed like every day that I picked Gavin up from preschool he was flipping his lid.  So much


The Need to Control Something

As I picked up my son’s clothes off the bathroom floor and walked into his bedroom to drop them in the hamper for the 7th night this week,


Slowing it Down {Holiday Break Edition}

So, on December 21, my students finished their exams, ate popcorn, watched clips of the Romeo and Juliet video (with Leonardo, of course) and bid farewell for two

kids soccer

Well Rounded Child or Over Tired Parents?

Amongst my colleague working mamas, we all share our woes. Sleepless nights, trying to make dinner in a short time frame, hating daylight savings and trying to run ALL


That Time I Did the Parent Thing Alone {Lessons Learned}

I will by no means ever complain about having to take on extra parental responsibilities when my husband goes out with friends or goes out of town 1)

Liberating Working Moms

How I Make It Work {Multiples Edition}

I shared a couple weeks ago why, as a mom of young twins, I chose to go back to work. Tracy & others have asked me how I


Working Moms Can Craft! {A Fall Foliage Garland}

  I love doing crafts with the kids.  We do 2-3 per week!  Most are pretty simple and kid driven, meaning I try to do something related to what


Setting Priorities is Good for My Soul

The other day when I was sweeping the floors, I glanced over at my husband and Abby playing. They were giggling and smiling and having so much fun.


Confession: I Rock My Toddler to Sleep

In this ever-advancing technological world we live in, it seems that people are always trying to re-invent the wheel or act like they have discovered the best way

cleaning schedule

A Working Mom’s Cleaning Schedule

I'm not a fan of cleaning the house. Even before Abby came along I wasn't a fan of spending my free time on the weekends cleaning house. I'm

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