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A Little Structure = A Lot of Productivity

I am currently a Stay-at-Home-Mom posing as a Work-at-Home-Mom.  Basically, I’m living off our savings in a new city and waiting to find the right job after our recent move.  I am a photographer but I have been working administrative […]

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My Crock Pot is My Best Friend

I’m not paid or encouraged to sing sunshine and rainbows about this particular crock pot. This is straight from me without any outside influence mommas, so listen up!

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How to Squeeze in Quality Time as a Working Mom

Being a working mother means you sometimes get less than three hours a day to spend quality time with your children. Ouch. Monday through Friday I get less than three


How To Make The Most Of Weekday Hours

When our kiddo started going to daycare (around 9 months old), I cut back my work hours so that I would get to see him during the week

Toddler helping with dinner

Making Dinner: A Love/Hate Relationship

  At the end of a long day of work somedays I love going home and making dinner. It just feels so... domestic. I truly love to cook and


The 2 Hour Sprint

"I believe I can see the future because I repeat the same routine." - NIN Let's start with the fact that I love routine. It makes me feel like


5 Great On-the-Go Snacks

For a long time, every evening was a battle. Inevitably, I would pick the girls up from school and on the drive home Rylee would ask for a


Family Dinner: The Working Mom Conundrum

If you don't know me outside of this space, I am a little fanatical about food. Not in a "foodie" way like looking for the perfect kumquat to


{No Longer} Struggling with Solids

Somehow in the last four months, Lucy & Zach went from struggling so much with solids that I wrote a post on it, spoke with our PA & pediatrician &


On After-School Meltdowns and Letting my Kid be the Boss

Last month there was a stretch of time when it seemed like every day that I picked Gavin up from preschool he was flipping his lid.  So much

trader joe's dinners

5 Trader Joe’s Meals That Save My Sanity

The new life with 2 is going pretty well but I have to say evenings are a full on 3 ring circus. We have SO much to accomplish

starting solids and the working mom

Starting Babies on Solids and the Working Mom

For the last month & a half, I’ve added a disaster to our nightly routine. The babies mostly hate it. It makes a huge mess. It’s time consuming


Dinner Time Battles are Worth It

The other night, my 3-year-old was in “a mood.” He was tired. He was hungry. And he didn’t like what we were having for dinner. Setting the table,


Working Mom Meals: Eating Simpler and Healthier

Since I started working out and watching what I eat, my husband and I had to revolutionize our take on weekday meals. We used to eat out a


Confession: I mostly don’t care what my kids eat.

I know parents who don't let their kids have juice because of the sugar content, who rave about their kids who inhale their vegetables ravenously,  who only feed

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