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Liberating Working Moms

Confusing Thoughts on Returning to Work

I’ve been out of work on leave since November 25th.  That’s over two months of being a part-time WAHM. It’s safe to say that I’ve gotten pretty comfortable.  Over two weeks of this time was spent waiting for Olive to […]

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maternity leave is over

The End of Maternity Leave Feelings

No, I am not pregnant again. I just so happen to have a bazillion (slight exaggeration) mommas in my Facebook feed that are new moms and I have

Liberating Working Moms

Easing in to New Routines

My summer vacation is just about halfway over.  We’ve developed our routines, packed with ballet, swim lessons, and jaunts to the park.  We’re staying up late and sleeping


Do’s & Dont’s of Returning to Work after a Vacation

I was in Hawaii for 7 days. I really wasn't ready to come home. But with views like this? Why would I... I've been back at work almost two

Liberating Working Moms

Late Nights Make My Days Easier

Now that I’m back to my full-time teaching job after a completely exhausting family trip to Disney refreshing spring break week, all of my many responsibilities have returned.

Liberating Working Moms

Why Moms Make Great Employees

I really loved Law Mama’s recent post on Mothering the Workplace.  The qualities she outlined - making good choices, cleaning up messes, and using nice words - are

PPD working mom

PPD and the Working Mom

Hi. I'm Brandy and I have suffered from postpartum depression/anxiety...twice. I had no idea how to start this post so lets just shine light on the elephant in

New hair for returning to work.

#FirstDayBack To Work in Tweets and Pictures

Last Friday, Brandy returned to work full time, even though she did cheat and went in for a bit they day before as Oliver did start daycare part

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How do I Manage All of This?

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked outside of the home in a job that wasn’t for my parents at their jewelry store, or at the school


Date Night: A Necessity

I’m two weeks into a new school year, I’ve learned all my students’ names, I’ve submitted six assignments into our online grading system, I’ve met a handful of


New Baby, New Routine

::dusts of laptop:: Hey guys! Remember me? It's ok if you've forgotten. I haven't been around much the month or so, but for good reason. Friends, meet Reese. Born 7.19.2012

miss you

Then there were tears…

I was taken aback yesterday. As I put Abby down for a nap, kissed her nighty night and held her so very close, tears began to flow. And


Dear New Working Moms: It Gets Easier

I had an impromptu conversation over Facebook with a friend from high school who is currently expecting her first child. As I lamented that I would be returning


A Complicated Transition Back to Work

It’s transition time for me again. Just one more week and I’m back to work and back to the groove of routines and tight schedules and not enough

Insert pouty face.

When I Work, My Kid is Different

So, it has begun. The school year, that is. As all of you, I’m a working teacher momma like Tracy, and every August, I hit the books, write


Advice from a Working Mom Panelist

Every once in a while, this little blog gig of mine works it’s internet magic and I am personally spoiled and patted on the back and it’s glorious.

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Working Teacher Mom: I Suppose I Should Reflect, Too

Since Tracy decided to get the ball rolling on the choosing not to work in the summer thing and the reflecting after a year of changes in teaching

My first day back to work!

Laid-Off to Hired Pregnant Mom: A Tale of Gratitude

In January I was a laid-off pregnant mother full of questions and worry. Today I’d like to share with you my story of gratitude. For two months I searched,


Two Year Working Momiversary: It Gets Better

Two years ago this week, my world changed. I was frantic. I was nuts. I was going BSC. After about five months of milking FMLA with teacher days

Reversed Separation Anxiety

By Shannon Contributor Now that my son is long passed that oh-my-god-I-have-to-eat-for-survival-every-three-hours-or-I’ll-waste-away-to-nothing stage, he wants to sleep in the mornings. Go you, kid. I want to sleep in the mornings,

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