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I Can’t Afford to Work Part-time

I’m a wedding and event planner and I only work about 15 hours a week. It suits me well and I love it! However, I’m barely breaking even after the costs of childcare. My husband travels for work so 90% […]

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5 Tips for Finding {and Keeping!} a Great Sitter

5 Tips for Finding {and Keeping!} a Great Sitter

Next month our amazing sitter of over a year is moving home with her husband. So we've started looking for (and hopefully found) a new sitter to

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Literally Working From Home. Part 2.

A couple of weeks ago I posted on how I'm no longer physically able to work out of the home writing anymore. This pregnancy has taken a toll

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Literally Working From Home. With a Sitter.

Today I realized that I can probably no longer leave home to work. Physically - at 34 weeks pregnant - my body can't handle getting ready to go


The Pros and Cons of Nanny Child Care

Remember that time I introduced myself to you guys & told you I had a nanny? We still have her, Marcie, and she's still totally awesome. ::dusts off


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do {Childcare Edition}

My stomach is churning from the guilt. I couldn’t even look her in the eye this morning. Can she sense the potential betrayal? We are considering leaving the daycare


Our Mary Poppins Wears Flannel Pants {Nanny Care}

By Alicia Contributor We have a nanny. Well…kind of. She’s mostly a babysitter, but she’s old enough to be the girls’ grandma, so we’ve taken to calling her a nanny.

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