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I Can’t Afford to Work Part-time

I’m a wedding and event planner and I only work about 15 hours a week. It suits me well and I love it! However, I’m barely breaking even after the costs of childcare. My husband travels for work so 90% […]

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5 Tips for Finding {and Keeping!} a Great Sitter

5 Tips for Finding {and Keeping!} a Great Sitter

Next month our amazing sitter of over a year is moving home with her husband. So we've started looking for (and hopefully found) a new sitter to


Navigating a New City/Life

Um, we have a little problem... In my last post I wrote about how I needed some space. I've got plenty of downtime as my husband is travelling for

bringing kid to work on snow days

Snow Days

One of the benefits of having my son in a private pre-school is that (we were told) they are open on all the dumb federal holidays that we


A Working Mom and Her Special Needs Son

My son has a feeding tube. He is three years old and has been 100% tube fed since he was 20 months old. He has a condition called

Liberating Working Moms

Confusing Thoughts on Returning to Work

I've been out of work on leave since November 25th.  That's over two months of being a part-time WAHM. It's safe to say that I've gotten pretty comfortable. 

maternity leave is over

The End of Maternity Leave Feelings

No, I am not pregnant again. I just so happen to have a bazillion (slight exaggeration) mommas in my Facebook feed that are new moms and I have

Liberating Working Moms

Husband Who Works Graveyard Shift: A Blessing or Nightmare?

My family has a very traditional dynamic these days. I work 8-4:30 and my husband does too. I drop  off at daycare and he picks up. We get


My First Beef with Daycare

Now, let me preface this by saying we love our girls' school. We've been taking Rylee there since she was 15 months and they've had Reese since 10


5 Great On-the-Go Snacks

For a long time, every evening was a battle. Inevitably, I would pick the girls up from school and on the drive home Rylee would ask for a

Choosing an In-Home Sitter Over a Preschool

Choosing an In-Home Sitter Over a Preschool

A few weeks into working from home as a freelance writer, I began to see that the number of hours I was working from home weren't realistic with


Freaking Out About Kindergarten

I had a freak-out moment at work today.  I decided to look at the webpage of the elementary school where our daughter will be starting kindergarten in 6


Interview with Nancy Holtzman from Isis Parenting {Part 1}

Note: This is part 1 of a 2 part series about Isis and the working mom. Stay tuned for next week when we tackle pumping at work specifically! Going


Finding a Sitter While Working From Home

Our adored sitter is leaving next month to head back home. The news wasn't a shock, with both of us military wives it was bound to happen at

nursing room

Makings of a Stellar Nursing/Pumping Room

One of my favorite things about my new working mom situation is onsite daycare. While the cost and convenience is obviously spectacular, my favorite part is the ability to go

5 tips for finding a weekend babysitter

5 Tips for Finding a Weekend Babysitter

Fact: As parents raising little one-day-self-sufficient-humans, we all work hard. Fact: We all love our sometimes-drive-ya-crazy kids. Fact: We all need/deserve/have earned a break. When I was a panelist at a Working


Working Mom of Special Needs Child Needs Support

I work full time, and I just started a brand new job with better money and much more responsibility.  It was a great career move.  However, my 20


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do {Childcare Edition}

My stomach is churning from the guilt. I couldn’t even look her in the eye this morning. Can she sense the potential betrayal? We are considering leaving the daycare

tracy button 3

Daycare Interruptions: Does it get easier?

A good number of my working mom friends visit their little ones at daycare from time to time. They take them out to lunch, they come to see

aj backpack

Wanted: Someone to Go the Extra Mile with My Son

I knew that being a work-outside-the-home mom would pose some logistical challenges. I knew I'd have to excuse myself from meetings that run late in order to get

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