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bringing kid to work on snow days

Snow Days

One of the benefits of having my son in a private pre-school is that (we were told) they are open on all the dumb federal holidays that we normal working folk do not get off. Also, the sign in the […]

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Immune Systems and Daycare

I have a love-hate relationship with daycare. On one had, I love that my son is being socialized and that I get some peace and quiet to focus


The Love/Hate of Daycare Drop Off

Every working parent knows it well. Daycare* drop off. Some days, you hate it. You want to play hooky and take him to ride the train at the

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Tackling Daycare Issues Head On

I’m going to admit it. I often still feel like a 20+ year old wondering why people call me ma’am at the grocery store. And wondering where the

Liberating Working Moms

Daycare drop off – the short end of the stick

One of my favorite perks of being a working mom can be summed up in 3 words. Daycare pick up. You know... the arms outstretched screechy time of day

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Daycare Security After the Newtown Shooting

Think about your life before the Newtown, Connecticut gun massacre of 20 first-graders and 6 Sandy Hook elementary school workers.  Did you worry much about the security of your


Interview with Nancy Holtzman from Isis Parenting {Part 2}

Last week I introduced you to Nancy Holtzman, co-founder of Isis Parenting. Hopefully you have had some time to check her out by now. I know she has

Formula: A Working Mom Reality Check

Formula: A Working Mom Reality Check

When I went back to work with Landon, we had nursing down pat. No more latch issues, a great 3 hour schedule and I was confident. I had


Tales of an Indecisive Procrastinating Working Mom {Preschool Edition}

There are two important things you should know about me. Two things, which every year I say I’m going to work on, but alas, I don’t. For one,

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Family Childcare: Let’s Talk About the Downsides

Very often, I am singing my mother-in-law’s praises because in addition to raising three kids, taking care of her granddaughter, cooking three meals a day, cleaning, sewing, and


My Kid Prefers Me Over School

At the end of last school year, Abby began to despise going to school. Since I’m the first to leave for work in the morning, it’s up to


Working Mom of Special Needs Child Needs Support

I work full time, and I just started a brand new job with better money and much more responsibility.  It was a great career move.  However, my 20


Breaking Up Is Hard To Do {Childcare Edition}

My stomach is churning from the guilt. I couldn’t even look her in the eye this morning. Can she sense the potential betrayal? We are considering leaving the daycare

Look mommy, NO DIAPERS!

When Their Friends Grow Up

This morning at daycare drop-off, it was quiet. None of the usual madness that comes with a post-holiday weekend drop off. No massive tears from the kids who

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Time Isn’t On Our Side…

We have a situation at our daycare centre that some of you may be familiar with. Due to the regulations surrounding licensed childcare facilities and the exorbitant cost


An Open Letter To My Fellow Daycare Parents

By Kristi Guest Blogger from The Fischer Family Dear Daycare Parents, Let’s talk about daycare etiquette. Specifically, let’s talk about sick kid etiquette. Let’s start by agreeing that you and I,

Pediatrician Drama

By Tracy Managing Editor This past week was not the most fun. Abby had a cold, which spiraled into coughing fits, struggling to catch her breath and ultimately making

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