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Immune Systems and Daycare

I have a love-hate relationship with daycare. On one had, I love that my son is being socialized and that I get some peace and quiet to focus on my work. On the other hand, well don’t get me started. […]

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Confessions from a Working Mom

Look, I love-LOVE-LOVE my kids. Couldn't imagine my life without them. I'm a better person because of them. But...I have some confessions...We all have them...and since we've already

Liberating Working Moms

Sick Momma Day

Katherine has posted recently on the importance of us mommas taking our vacation time for ourselves. I love that idea & added it to my hopefully-one-day-sooner-than-later to-do list. I

Liberating Working Moms

7 Tips for Survival {Working and Severe Morning Sickness Edition}

I want to preface this post by saying I AM NOT CURRENTLY PREGNANT NOR WILL I BE PREGNANT ANY TIME SOON. And now, continue: Two of my co-workers and

Liberating Working Moms

The Working Mom Bias, it’s real.

I've  been a working mom for 3 years now. Unfortunately due to 2 layoffs I have been in 3 different office environments during that time. One office was filled

Liberating Working Moms

Sick of the Sick

So far in January, between Lucy, Zach, my husband & I, we’ve had bad colds {negative for flu & RSV} along with pink eye, then RSV for both

My sick leave is going down the drain.

Watching the Sick Leave Drain Away

Over the past few months, I’ve had to take several days of sick leave because baby boy had a fever.  It was a weird virus thing that seemed


Sometimes Work Can Wait

The coughing went through the night, though I didn't know the difference thanks to my saint of a husband who snuck out of the bedroom in the middle

Sick Day

Sick Day: A Working Mom Bonus

We often talk about sacrifices we have to make as working mothers on here. We have limited time. We are constantly trying to please multiple audiences with family and work.

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