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bringing kid to work on snow days

Snow Days

One of the benefits of having my son in a private pre-school is that (we were told) they are open on all the dumb federal holidays that we normal working folk do not get off. Also, the sign in the […]

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Snow Days and the Working Mom

The forecast Monday mentioned the 's' word. I was already juggling working while L was home sick {under my Dad's care} getting over a case of pneumonia. So

Getting to 50/50

Getting to 50/50 {Review and Giveaway}

I would say, as working moms, we, writers & readers of LWM, strive for 50/50 relationships with our spouses at home & at work, right? I know I


Preschool Throws My Whole Schedule Off

I’d first like to say that after a week of awful tear filled drop offs, my son LOVES his new preschool. We chose a Montessori school in the

nursing working mom

7 Items for the Nursing Mom’s Office Drawer

The first day back to work from maternity leave was anything but dry for me. The weather was great, but tears were flowing as I had to leave

Liberating Working Moms

Skipping the Promotion

There recently have been a couple openings for the position above me on the totem pole. I didn't apply for them. Non-mom me probably would have applied. But I didn't


Interview with Nancy Holtzman from Isis Parenting {Part 2}

Last week I introduced you to Nancy Holtzman, co-founder of Isis Parenting. Hopefully you have had some time to check her out by now. I know she has

workplace tips for moms

Workplace Tips for Moms

  As working moms we all face different work atmospheres, from working at home, to working behind a desk, and on the road and we all experience different levels


Workplace Bathroom Etiquette

I haven't gone to the bathroom alone in approximately 3 years. I've gone to the bathroom wearing a baby in a carrier, with children trying to hug me, with

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Sometimes you just need to vent

Oh hey there! It's been a while, huh? {Or as our Canadian contributors might say "eh?"} I'm pretty sure my last post around these parts was all about jobs changes

Frustrated Woman

ATTN Coworkers: I’m Pregnant, NOT Helpless

By Katherine Merchandising/Contributor I love working with nearly all guys. I know I've talked about it before, but there's something about my sense of humor that most women  just...don't get.

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