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I Can’t Afford to Work Part-time

I’m a wedding and event planner and I only work about 15 hours a week. It suits me well and I love it! However, I’m barely breaking even after the costs of childcare. My husband travels for work so 90% […]

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The Fear of Change

The Fear of Change that Comes with a New Job

I recently accepted an offer for a new job that starts in June and I'm so excited! But with that excitement comes plenty of fear. I'm leaving behind

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Moving Across the Country… Jobless

My little family has decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee! This means I'll be leaving my job of 7 years as a project manager for a small (very


Weighing the Risks of Accepting a New Job

I remember when I was 25 and I hated my job. I knew I could just find another one and no big deal, that was that. I remember

Liberating Working Moms

37 Weeks Pregnant With a New Gig!

A few days before the school year started, my boss asked me if I’d be interested in becoming our school’s Instructional Specialist as we transition to Common Core

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Are You Maxed Out?

This week the internet was a buzz after hearing about the concept of being a maxed out working mom.  They were chatting about Katrina Alcorn, and her book

Opting Out, Leaning In What About Loving the Now

Opting Out, Leaning In – What About Loving the Now?

Lately in the news there's been a lot of talk about opting out, leaning in, and all kinds of other chatter about what moms are choosing to do

Liberating Working Moms

A Journey Through Working Mom Transitions

I cried from December through March 2012, when I finally lost it.  I had never been so scared and confused.  My sense of worth and status within both


Becoming My Own Boss…Maybe

  These past few months I have really been thinking hard about taking a super big jump professionally. A jump that in uncertain in so many ways. A leap

Liberating Working Moms

Husband Who Works Graveyard Shift: A Blessing or Nightmare?

My family has a very traditional dynamic these days. I work 8-4:30 and my husband does too. I drop  off at daycare and he picks up. We get

Liberating Working Moms

Easing in to New Routines

My summer vacation is just about halfway over.  We’ve developed our routines, packed with ballet, swim lessons, and jaunts to the park.  We’re staying up late and sleeping


Because One Full-Time Job Isn’t Enough

A year and a half ago I wrote on here all about my ideal working mom situation, where I could be a WAHM focusing on all things to

Liberating Working Moms

Skipping the Promotion

There recently have been a couple openings for the position above me on the totem pole. I didn't apply for them. Non-mom me probably would have applied. But I didn't


Life Changes While Working

This summer, I'll be having a baby. Hopefully sometime between July and August if this little guy decides to cooperate. We'll also be moving across the country. My

planning for baby around your career

Is there a right time in your career to have a baby?

As a teacher I'm very much grateful for the, what amounts to be, about 2 months off during the summer.  In fact when I first dreamed of growing


1 Husband, 1 Child, 2 Jobs

Last week, I did something I thought I would never do: I accepted an offer for a part-time job. Currently, I teach English to approximately 120 high school freshmen

Liberating Working Moms

Changes at Work: Saying Goodbye to the Boss

I’m 26 years old. In my lifetime, I’ve technically had four real bosses. Two of those acted as my employers for part-time jobs during high school and college.

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The Reality of Being Laid Off

As someone who works remotely 99% of the time, getting asked to come into the office which is 87 miles from my house is always a big deal.

Learning to Say No

Learning to Say a Two Letter Word

Oh, the word that causes me to cringe, to rethink my time management, to wait with baited breath for the other person to get upset. That little two

A Rare At-Home Weekday Afternoon Non-Sick Nap

Lessons from My Glorious No-Distractions Week Off

Three weeks ago, I resigned from my job and gave my two weeks' notice.  It was a tough decision.... lots of material for other posts later.  I did

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