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Job Interview

Five Things To Help You Nail That Job Interview

When you’re applying for a new job, it seems like the hardest part is just getting called for an interview. You spend hours on your resume, rewriting it, perfecting it, tailoring it to the specific job you’re chasing, and designing […]

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The Fear of Change

The Fear of Change that Comes with a New Job

I recently accepted an offer for a new job that starts in June and I'm so excited! But with that excitement comes plenty of fear. I'm leaving behind

work life balance

Work/Life, Balance? (resume and interviewing tips)

As a working mom in HR I am constantly thinking about work life balance. What it means to me personally, and how I can sell our company culture


Weighing the Risks of Accepting a New Job

I remember when I was 25 and I hated my job. I knew I could just find another one and no big deal, that was that. I remember

Getting to 50/50

Getting to 50/50 {Review and Giveaway}

I would say, as working moms, we, writers & readers of LWM, strive for 50/50 relationships with our spouses at home & at work, right? I know I

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Are You Maxed Out?

This week the internet was a buzz after hearing about the concept of being a maxed out working mom.  They were chatting about Katrina Alcorn, and her book


FMLA Maternity leave FAQ’s

When I think of being a working mom and maternity leave I obviously think about my son. He was a "surprise" and so there wasn't any planning, it

planning for baby around your career

Is there a right time in your career to have a baby?

As a teacher I'm very much grateful for the, what amounts to be, about 2 months off during the summer.  In fact when I first dreamed of growing

Liberating Working Moms

The Working Mom Bias, it’s real.

I've  been a working mom for 3 years now. Unfortunately due to 2 layoffs I have been in 3 different office environments during that time. One office was filled

tracy college graduation

Career Perspective for my 22-year-old Self

When I began my freshman year in college in New York, I had one goal in mind; to live in the city and to make it as a

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