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Work-at-Home, Semi-Single Mom

Allow me to introduce myself!  I am Lindsy, work at home, semi-single, foster mom.  I am a free lance photographer and I also work from home, Monday through Friday, as a marketing project manager.  Let me explain the “semi-single” status […]

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Because One Full-Time Job Isn’t Enough

A year and a half ago I wrote on here all about my ideal working mom situation, where I could be a WAHM focusing on all things to

Liberating Working Moms

Can women be leaders in the workforce AND great wives and mothers?

Yesterday I read an article about how Peter Heck, a Social Studies teacher, in delivering a commencement speech to his high school’s graduating seniors, sent a very unsettling

Liberating Working Moms

Why Moms Make Great Employees

I really loved Law Mama’s recent post on Mothering the Workplace.  The qualities she outlined - making good choices, cleaning up messes, and using nice words - are


All I Want For Christmas {or The Case of the Missing Glove}

At some point, my son lost a glove.  One of his precious little blue and grey mittens that fit his 2-1/2 year old hands just perfectly. This is a

The boys 2

Unexpected Single Income Household

When I first imagined that label being applied to our family, it looked much different.  I imagined myself as a happy little housewife to a hard-working husband and

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