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world's toughest job

World’s Hardest Job, yep

I am sure by now many of you have seen the video floating around about the world’s hardest job. Essentially it interviews applicants (male and female) and describes a job that no sane person could ever be interested in, right? […]

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road trippin

My Experience as a SAHM

Let me update you on my life. We packed up our entire house (but we gave away and donated half of it first). We've been fostering him for 2 years

work life balance

Work/Life, Balance? (resume and interviewing tips)

As a working mom in HR I am constantly thinking about work life balance. What it means to me personally, and how I can sell our company culture

Opting Out, Leaning In What About Loving the Now

Opting Out, Leaning In – What About Loving the Now?

Lately in the news there's been a lot of talk about opting out, leaning in, and all kinds of other chatter about what moms are choosing to do


Would You Regret Staying at Home?

Yesterday I read a very interesting, well written piece on Huffington Post where a woman confessed she regretted staying at home. This wasn't a young mother in the throes

Liberating Working Moms

The Working Mom Bias, it’s real.

I've  been a working mom for 3 years now. Unfortunately due to 2 layoffs I have been in 3 different office environments during that time. One office was filled

Candace Cameron Bure

Childhood Icons Turned Working Moms

I grew up in the 90s. Which means at the end of every school week, I foamed at the mouth in anticipation of the TGIF television line-up and


Working Moms and Socioeconomic Disparity

Liberated:  To set free, as from oppression, confinement, or foreign control. A few years ago, I learned about an alarming phenomenon from colleagues in the ‘biz’ of training daycare

I hung this sign in my office... to remind me.

Mothering the Workplace

I have spent a good deal of time thinking about how my job outside of the home makes me a better mother but lately, I've realized the reverse


The Gender Pay Gap: My Responsibility

Funny things happen when you research. For one, you learn new things. For two, you learn new things that blow your mind wide open. That happened to me


Thanks for Ruining my Dinner, Mitt.

Can we get a woot-woot?  The election season is almost over!  Several times, I've had to give myself permission to be angry about comments and issues, comment on FB or


Unpaid Maternity Leave and Human Rights

Last week, Huffington Post published an article concerning the United States policy on maternity leave alongside a video from one of their live chats with working moms, with that


Where are the REAL successful women in National Media?

When I was at the doctor a few weeks ago, an old issue of  a working mom magazine was laying on the floor.  On the front cover, it


Someone Else Raises My Kid?

I’m a working mom. So obviously, someone else raises my kid. How many of you want to throw something at the screen right now? Or maybe you wanted to

My CNN iReporter page

How I Came to Represent Working Moms in a CNN Commercial

This really cool series of events over the course of the last few months resulted in me and the kids being in a 15 second CNN commercial, representing

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