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Leaving Child For The First Time

First Vacation Without My Child and I’m Freaking Out

In May, my husband and I are flying out of state together to attend my cousin’s wedding. For the first time ever, we’re both leaving our 4-year-old daughter at home for 4 nights and 5 days. She’s staying with my […]

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Me Time

Intentional Me Time

Sometimes, it is really hard to find time for myself. I work Monday-Friday and when I am home I want to squeeze in as much time as possible

WE ARE moving-jobless-LWM copy

Moving Across the Country… Jobless

My little family has decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee! This means I'll be leaving my job of 7 years as a project manager for a small (very


Give Me a Break

Last Thursday I escaped. I hopped onto a plane and left my real life for 4 days and visited my best friend and her sweet little family. Just

Liberating Working Moms

Working Mom Wake-up Call

A week ago, in the late morning while teaching, I knew something felt off.  I could feel it in my gut. Literally. Cramps.  It wasn't just the normal

Opting Out, Leaning In What About Loving the Now

Opting Out, Leaning In – What About Loving the Now?

Lately in the news there's been a lot of talk about opting out, leaning in, and all kinds of other chatter about what moms are choosing to do


Do’s & Dont’s of Returning to Work after a Vacation

I was in Hawaii for 7 days. I really wasn't ready to come home. But with views like this? Why would I... I've been back at work almost two


A Love Letter to Monday

Dear Monday, Sometimes I feel like you get the shit end of the stick. People kind of despise you. Sunday night they already start complaining about you like you


Much Needed Vacation

Ever feel like you just *need* to run away? From your office, your house, your husband, your kids, from feeling needed by everyone all.the.time? No? Me neither. But if

Working Mom's Paradise

A Working Mom’s Paradise

There were no kids. There was no one to clean up after. There was no TV. There was sleeping in until 6:30 AM...which I'm fully aware sounds ridiculous, but when you're


Using my vacation for actual vacation

I have a real problem with taking time off. I mean, I'll take a day off every once in a while, but other than my maternity leaves, I've

holiday collage

What a Break Looks Like

We've been busy taking a "break" from work and blogging and all the such. But we thought to share with you a little glimpse into some of our


Slowing it Down {Holiday Break Edition}

So, on December 21, my students finished their exams, ate popcorn, watched clips of the Romeo and Juliet video (with Leonardo, of course) and bid farewell for two

Liberating Working Moms

Filtering Out the Noise – a Sanity Preservation Strategy

Reflecting back on this year, it’s been a noisy one in the Land of the Working Mom. Let’s start with two words: presidential campaign. Need I say more?

A Rare At-Home Weekday Afternoon Non-Sick Nap

Lessons from My Glorious No-Distractions Week Off

Three weeks ago, I resigned from my job and gave my two weeks' notice.  It was a tough decision.... lots of material for other posts later.  I did


Working Moms Can Craft! {A Fall Foliage Garland}

  I love doing crafts with the kids.  We do 2-3 per week!  Most are pretty simple and kid driven, meaning I try to do something related to what


Appreciating the Small Moments

I feel like as a working momma to an almost three year old, that I’ve really got a handle on this working momma gig. And since I’ve begun


With a Wink and a Wave, Goodbye

Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.                  


Making Time for You: A Working Mom Guilt

::curse word, curse word, curse word:: Forgive me while I write through some rage issues. Which you can read for you enjoyment while you giggle at my current neuroses

photo 2(2)

A Much Needed Break {With Pictures}

Yesterday I reflected on what this past school year was all about for me. Today, I shall talk about what a teacher break entails. Last night, as we were

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