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Sharing the Load

My husband and I both work full time, which means we both have the same amount of time in our days/weeks/months to procrastinate cleaning. Wait. Yep. I’ve already confessed to you all that our house isn’t really clean, it’s “lived […]

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Would You Regret Staying at Home?

Yesterday I read a very interesting, well written piece on Huffington Post where a woman confessed she regretted staying at home. This wasn't a young mother in the throes

Formula: A Working Mom Reality Check

Formula: A Working Mom Reality Check

When I went back to work with Landon, we had nursing down pat. No more latch issues, a great 3 hour schedule and I was confident. I had

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Well Rounded Child or Over Tired Parents?

Amongst my colleague working mamas, we all share our woes. Sleepless nights, trying to make dinner in a short time frame, hating daylight savings and trying to run ALL

Miss you

Dear Husband, I Miss You

Things have been busy around these parts lately. Mostly it is my fault. First, I took off to MEET my internet BiFF Alicia for her 30th birthday, which

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Working Mom Prioritizes Health and Fitness

As my husband and I try to plot out the rest of our summer fun before I go back to work and his schedule gets busier, I'm smacked

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How a Working Mom Trains to Run Marathons

So, I’m doing my first marathon this October, AND I’m a working mother. I also read a lot, try to maintain a blog (usually pretty inconsistently), go to

Bo checks out my best friends' adorable son, Mack, as I introduce them for the first time.

“They are only little once…”

As I was texting with my best friend this morning regarding how she is handling her upcoming  transition back to work after the birth of her first child,


Finding “Me” in Single Mommyhood

When I first became a single mother, I thought that was... let's face it... the end of my life. I believed that being a mom, especially a single mom, meant


Sufferage…what happens sometimes when you work

I don’t work a particularly stressful job outside the house. Sure, there are parts of it that make me want to pull my hair out, like any job

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The Art of Saying “No”

I'm a Southern woman. We say "yes" to second helpings, "yes" to almost any sign up sheet, and the only questions we answer with "no" are ones that end

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The Case For More Than One…

My friend recently found out she is expecting her fourth child.  While ultimately, just like Shannon's decision to only have one child, it is her decision and doesn't


Choose Your Own Adventure…

I have a very good life.  A life I’ve worked hard to achieve.  Everything worth having in my life I’ve strived for and even the times when I want to string

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Conflicted About All The Time

Last week, my throat was all scratchy, still, and the only thing that I knew could fix it, and make me feel better in the stress department, was

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Growing Independence with Working Parents

I have been struggling with something recently.  I love that my child is independent.  Especially so when baby boy #2 is on his way. I am happy to

Bringing Work Home: Teachers Have To Do It

By Tracy Managing Editor With the New Year and perusing all of the Working Mom Resolutions posts, I’ve seen lots of talk on blogs and twitter about leaving the

Hybrid Working Mom {Managing It All}

By Beth Anne Guest Blogger from Heir To Blair When Tracy called me a “Hybrid Working Mom,” she finally put into words what I have toyed with for months. 


Christmas Cards And Thank You Notes: You Are Not Welcome

By Alyson Guest Blogger Christmas cards & thank you notes… I don’t write them. It’s okay, you can judge. I judge myself. Sometimes. Every time I see the slightly smaller envelope amongst

When I Grow Up

By Krista, Contributor This post originally appeared on Not Mommy of the Year, January 2010 I used to spend a lot of time imagining what my life would be like

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