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learning to say no

The Power of Saying No

I’ve been described as a “go getter” and “enviously motivated” …amongst other things. It’s true. I pretty much feel like I can do it all if I put my mind to it. Other than physical limitations (I am not actually […]

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Me Time

Intentional Me Time

Sometimes, it is really hard to find time for myself. I work Monday-Friday and when I am home I want to squeeze in as much time as possible


Give Me a Break

Last Thursday I escaped. I hopped onto a plane and left my real life for 4 days and visited my best friend and her sweet little family. Just


Finding Time to Be Healthy as a WAHM

Between Bella, my home, meals, errands, homeschool, therapy, and working full time from home, the thought of adding in "just one more" thing is enough to send me

Ladies Night!

WAH”E”M: The ‘E’ is for Extrovert

I've been working for a small marketing company for 6 years now. I work from home and I'm an extrovert. I get lonely. Sometimes I go absolutely stir

Liberating Working Moms

Husband Who Works Graveyard Shift: A Blessing or Nightmare?

My family has a very traditional dynamic these days. I work 8-4:30 and my husband does too. I drop  off at daycare and he picks up. We get


Yoga With a Side of Guilt

A few weeks ago, at the encouragement of my sister, I bought one of those half-off the cost of 10 classes of Hot Yoga from Groupon. There wasn't much


Much Needed Vacation

Ever feel like you just *need* to run away? From your office, your house, your husband, your kids, from feeling needed by everyone all.the.time? No? Me neither. But if


Confessions from a Working Mom

Look, I love-LOVE-LOVE my kids. Couldn't imagine my life without them. I'm a better person because of them. But...I have some confessions...We all have them...and since we've already

gym collage

Making time for the gym, the path of least guilt?

On my list of things to get done in a day, the gym has been very low on my list. So low that it's been erased, until recently.


Would You Regret Staying at Home?

Yesterday I read a very interesting, well written piece on Huffington Post where a woman confessed she regretted staying at home. This wasn't a young mother in the throes


A Working Mom Birthday: Me Time Galore

Last year, I worked on my birthday like any mature adult would. I taught my students, and when other teachers informed them that it was my birthday, they


The 2 Hour Sprint

"I believe I can see the future because I repeat the same routine." - NIN Let's start with the fact that I love routine. It makes me feel like

Liberating Working Moms

Sick Momma Day

Katherine has posted recently on the importance of us mommas taking our vacation time for ourselves. I love that idea & added it to my hopefully-one-day-sooner-than-later to-do list. I

Working Mom's Paradise

A Working Mom’s Paradise

There were no kids. There was no one to clean up after. There was no TV. There was sleeping in until 6:30 AM...which I'm fully aware sounds ridiculous, but when you're


Using my vacation for actual vacation

I have a real problem with taking time off. I mean, I'll take a day off every once in a while, but other than my maternity leaves, I've

Liberating Working Moms

Finding Time For Myself

I’m six months into being a working mom & almost ten months into being a parent, & I feel like I have it kind of down. Of course, when Lucy &/or Zach


Making Up for Not Being There

Between my posts on anxiety, exercise, and feeling the need to control something even if it’s just my son’s play room, I think this site has become an

Runner copy

Why do I feel guilty for exercising?

Like half of the country, I've set a goal to lose some weight this year -- and also like half of the country, I'm struggling with how to

Gym Schedule

Finding the Time {Fitness Schedule Edition}

Are you guys tired of hearing us talk about working out yet? I mean, you have women on here blogging about running marathons, making complete lifestyle changes, working

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