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Work/Life, Balance? (resume and interviewing tips)

As a working mom in HR I am constantly thinking about work life balance. What it means to me personally, and how I can sell our company culture to new recruits.  I recently read an article by Cisco’s Padmasree Warrior about […]

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Liberating Working Moms

Learning to Step-up my Professional Life

We’ve chatted a lot on here about having to make choices between career and family. Last May, Law Momma chatted about the Art of Saying No, and just

Liberating Working Moms

Filtering Out the Noise – a Sanity Preservation Strategy

Reflecting back on this year, it’s been a noisy one in the Land of the Working Mom. Let’s start with two words: presidential campaign. Need I say more?


What If…

In the year that I’ve been blogging on here, I’ve written about the term “working mom” versus the phrase a friend of mine coined, “mom who works.” I’ve


Appreciating the Small Moments

I feel like as a working momma to an almost three year old, that I’ve really got a handle on this working momma gig. And since I’ve begun


Is Being a Working Mom Hard?

Last week, my mom and I went on the hunt for pajamas for my toddler. One would think that since it’s still over 90 degrees outside daily in


Setting Priorities is Good for My Soul

The other day when I was sweeping the floors, I glanced over at my husband and Abby playing. They were giggling and smiling and having so much fun.

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The Business of Motherhood

It’s Monday. I’m at my dining room table. A cup of cold Peach Green Tea sits half-full to my left. The hubby is at work. Which is where


Finding “Me” in Single Mommyhood

When I first became a single mother, I thought that was... let's face it... the end of my life. I believed that being a mom, especially a single mom, meant

Time Wasted

Finding the Time

"I don't have any time!" Often, I find my brain screaming these words when I become overwhelmed by all of the plates I'm juggling. Personally, I feel like my


All Consuming

I’m a big consumer. I always have been. I just eat things up, figuratively and literally, and let it all sit, doing nothing to purge it all away. Overwhelmed


The Best Part of a Working Mom’s Day

The alarm goes off at the same time every day. If you’re like me, you hit the snooze button at the same time every day, too. That way,

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The Art of Saying “No”

I'm a Southern woman. We say "yes" to second helpings, "yes" to almost any sign up sheet, and the only questions we answer with "no" are ones that end

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The Case For More Than One…

My friend recently found out she is expecting her fourth child.  While ultimately, just like Shannon's decision to only have one child, it is her decision and doesn't

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Choosing Not To Work {Sort Of}

A few months ago I wrote about my choice to work. WAHM with childcare help for the win was and still is my ultimate goal, though I know


5 Things Any Working Mom Would Love

I always used to think that buying a gift for a woman was so easy. Clothes! Jewelry! Chocolate! But the longer I’ve been with my husband, the more

working mom guilt

Working Mom: Guilt Hoarder

Time to myself doesn’t happen often. Time with friends doesn’t happen often. And both the former and the latter are due to my own hang-ups of feeling guilt.

melting clock

Conflicted About All The Time

Last week, my throat was all scratchy, still, and the only thing that I knew could fix it, and make me feel better in the stress department, was


Lessons from My Little One

As a working mom, and even more specifically, as a teaching mom, I often mull over the lessons my son might learn from me as he grows up.


Scatterbrained Working Mom

When I was in college, I developed a great system for staying organized with all the work I had to do. It all revolved around my planner. Not

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