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Finding Time to Be Healthy as a WAHM

Between Bella, my home, meals, errands, homeschool, therapy, and working full time from home, the thought of adding in “just one more” thing is enough to send me scrambling to find time. When the one more thing is exercise? I […]

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Yoga With a Side of Guilt

A few weeks ago, at the encouragement of my sister, I bought one of those half-off the cost of 10 classes of Hot Yoga from Groupon. There wasn't much

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Making time for the gym, the path of least guilt?

On my list of things to get done in a day, the gym has been very low on my list. So low that it's been erased, until recently.

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Why do I feel guilty for exercising?

Like half of the country, I've set a goal to lose some weight this year -- and also like half of the country, I'm struggling with how to

Gym Schedule

Finding the Time {Fitness Schedule Edition}

Are you guys tired of hearing us talk about working out yet? I mean, you have women on here blogging about running marathons, making complete lifestyle changes, working

Liberating Working Moms

When Does It Become Too Much “Me” Time?

Last week was shit. No other way to put it. My week started with a text message from a friend telling me that she heard a local girl

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8 Tips for Momma Fitness

The first year I attended college, I lived on campus and the convenience of having a gym within walking distance helped me stay in shape. Every day, I


This One Time, I Ran a Marathon

NOTE: Check out Jamie's previous guest post where she chats more about the logistics of how she managed all the training. So, you’re thinking about running a marathon as

Smart Snacking for the Working Mom

Smart Snacking for the Working Mom

One thing I am finding being back at work is the need for snacking. With my nursing calorie count (I swear this is like the only bone we


Working Out Makes Me a Better Working Mom

It took a really, really, really long time and a lot of tight pants before I realized my eating habits were out of control and my exercise habits


Setting Priorities is Good for My Soul

The other day when I was sweeping the floors, I glanced over at my husband and Abby playing. They were giggling and smiling and having so much fun.

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Working Mom Prioritizes Health and Fitness

As my husband and I try to plot out the rest of our summer fun before I go back to work and his schedule gets busier, I'm smacked

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Working Mom Struggle: Lack of Change

I figure since I’m all out there about how I rock at parenting, how I fail at parenting, how I feel about my body, what I think about

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How a Working Mom Trains to Run Marathons

So, I’m doing my first marathon this October, AND I’m a working mother. I also read a lot, try to maintain a blog (usually pretty inconsistently), go to

Me and Erin. After I ran a 5k in 35 minutes 30 seconds!!!

Working Moms Rally {5k Edition}

The last time there was a LWM rally, we were all about supporting Erin as she returned to work in January. Social media for the win, really. I


Working Complicates All The Things

I've come to accept that being a working parent complicates planning of all the things, just as Brandee realized this when she just wanted her Everly a chance


Working Mom Meals {No Cook Refrigerator Oatmeal Edition}

I'm a month into my health kick, making life changes and not quick fad diet changes. For the first three weeks, I was mostly eating plain oatmeal for

Brandy Biking to Nowhere

The Power of Exercise

I am known as the exercise one around these parts. It's true. I love it. It wasn't always this way but now I have a tough time when

tips for making health a priority

Tips For Making Health A Priority

Last week I poured my gut out to all of you, chatting about how this school year has been all consuming. It felt really cathartic to write it


All Consuming

I’m a big consumer. I always have been. I just eat things up, figuratively and literally, and let it all sit, doing nothing to purge it all away. Overwhelmed

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