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The Ultimate Work-Life Balance

You Might Be A Working Mom If…

Here in the South, we’re pretty fond of our “You Might Be a [insert noun] If” lists. So here’s a non-exhaustive list for exhausted mamas in the midst of a crazy season of child rearing and career building. You might […]

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Leaving Child For The First Time

First Vacation Without My Child and I’m Freaking Out

In May, my husband and I are flying out of state together to attend my cousin’s wedding. For the first time ever, we’re both leaving our 4-year-old daughter


A Little Structure = A Lot of Productivity

I am currently a Stay-at-Home-Mom posing as a Work-at-Home-Mom.  Basically, I'm living off our savings in a new city and waiting to find the right job after our

learning to say no

The Power of Saying No

I've been described as a "go getter" and "enviously motivated" ...amongst other things. It's true. I pretty much feel like I can do it all if I put

Learning to Surrender

Learning to Surrender

Parenting is the hardest job I’ve ever had. And adjusting to two kids has been rough. With my oldest turning four a month before baby sister was born,

Ashlie and the boys, 1st day of daycare

Work, Family and the Pursuit of Happiness

My husband looked so concerned when he told me he thought I wasn’t happy.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that no one is.  I guess

sleeping boys

Sudden Job Changes

The legal industry is a strange animal.  Working in this industry will eventually force one to evolve or perish.  Well, not truly perish (I hope).  The life span

Freelance Blogging isn't a Paid-by-the-Hour Job

Freelance Blogging isn’t a Paid-by-the-Hour Job

I've been working from home as a freelance writer and blogger for 2 years now. I make what equals out at the end of the year to a


Sharing the Load

My husband and I both work full time, which means we both have the same amount of time in our days/weeks/months to procrastinate cleaning. Wait. Yep. I've already confessed to you

Liberating Working Moms

How do you do it all? I don’t.

I often get told by some that they are amazed at all I'm able to manage. And I also get questions from others on how I manage to

Me Time

Intentional Me Time

Sometimes, it is really hard to find time for myself. I work Monday-Friday and when I am home I want to squeeze in as much time as possible


Snow Days and the Working Mom

The forecast Monday mentioned the 's' word. I was already juggling working while L was home sick {under my Dad's care} getting over a case of pneumonia. So

work life balance

Work/Life, Balance? (resume and interviewing tips)

As a working mom in HR I am constantly thinking about work life balance. What it means to me personally, and how I can sell our company culture


Rhyme nor Reason: Cleaning Habits of a WAHM

I love a clean house. I just love walking into a room that is all bright and shiny and organized. It's like some kind of a 30 year

WE ARE moving-jobless-LWM copy

Moving Across the Country… Jobless

My little family has decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee! This means I'll be leaving my job of 7 years as a project manager for a small (very


How I Deal with Infertility as a Working Mom

Going through infertility treatments in itself can become very lonely. It can dominate our quality of life, cause us to lose and gain friends, and can cause us


Blown Away by Her Growth and Looking Forward to Homework.

I am continuously blown away by what my daughter has learned while she is at preschool. I don’t get as much time with her since I work all

monday morning checklist revised

Surviving the “Monday” Following a Holiday Weekend

I don’t know about ya’ll, but the “Monday” morning after a holiday weekend is World War III in my house. And by “Monday”, I mean the real deal


Weighing the Risks of Accepting a New Job

I remember when I was 25 and I hated my job. I knew I could just find another one and no big deal, that was that. I remember

Getting to 50/50

Getting to 50/50 {Review and Giveaway}

I would say, as working moms, we, writers & readers of LWM, strive for 50/50 relationships with our spouses at home & at work, right? I know I

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