LWM new buttonLiberating Working Moms was founded by Tracy who wanted a place to commiserate with other working mommas. Ultimately, we are a group of moms, trying to get the word out about all the trepidations and rewards that come with being a working momma. It’s liberating to share our journeys of figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and what’s simply best for right now. Though the guise of this blog is under the working momma category, we hope that all moms will find something to read. Because really, all moms are moms. We all struggle. We all have rewards. We all need some advice. And we all have antics to tell about.

LWM covers topics not only stemming from the working mom, but we also cover style, beauty, simplicity, breastfeeding and more! Because our working mom crew isn’t all consumed with only the working aspect of their lives. We’re all momming, and essentially women trying to raise our families without forgetting about ourselves along the way.

What this blog isn’t is a place for a SAHM vs. Working Mom debate. Our goal is simply to help others. We blog with integrity and don’t pass judgements on others. Being constructive is always welcome, but attacking is not.