Holiday Parties

Thursday before the Easter holiday weekend, Lucy & Zach’s class held an Easter party complete with decorated eggs & holiday snacks. All the class parents were invited – dare I say encouraged – to attend. In attending, parents can watch their child eat snack then take them home (a couple hours) early. I had missed the party sign up sheet, but I had extra stickers & napkins on hand to provide that morning for the party.

Jason & I (along with my aunt) attended their Halloween party. We left work early to watch them eat snack (& smile at us while also looking like why are you staring at us eat?). Since it was still working hours we then took L & Z by my work to show off their costumes & cuteness before dinner & trick-or-treating.

We went out of town Thursday night to my grandparents’ house at the beach. So instead of using vacation time to attend their Easter party, I met my husband at home, & we finished packing, loaded up our van & went to daycare together. We arrived about 30 mins after he usually picks L & Z up. Out of the 11 toddlers in their class, only 5 were left. But L & Z were the typical thrilled to see us & off we went on our road trip.

I checked out their scribbled Easter bags filled with painted plastic eggs & snacks during the drive. Then I asked them about their party & the eggs. And like typical almost 2 year olds, they had no clue. Did you have a party? No. Did you eat special treats? No. Did you see others’ Mommy & Daddy? No.

So I guess they didn’t miss our absences?! My working Mommy guilt was slightly abated by these answers. I plan to see what I can do to make future ones though – especially when they’re old enough to know & remember us not being there.

We had a blast eating the fruit snacks Thursday night, discovering the stickers in the party eggs Friday morning then having hunts & egg tosses all weekend. Plus running, playing & chasing bubbles on the beach.

L & Z didn’t need us this time at their holiday party to kick off a weekend of fun.

How do you handle your children’s holiday parties? Do you always attend? Never make it? Like us, pick & choose based on your schedules which ones are convenient?


  • mandy says:

    Ugh, my daycare does monthly parent parties. They were always at 3 or 3:30 and I have 2 girls so 2 sets of these. I asked if anyone showed up for these parties because who can get there that early?! That particular teacher moved the parties to 4:00 but even then, I can’t do it every month. That means leaving my office by 3:30. I like the idea of meeting other parents, but I think all of the parties should be at 4:30 and I’ll try to make 1 every 3 months. My almost 2 year old doesn’t seem to mind, but my 3.5 year old does notice when I don’t make it. Lots of other parents don’t make it so she’s not too bothered by it, but she does notice. This Fri they BOTH have a party at 4pm, and I’m still not sure if I should make the effort or who’s party I’d go to!

  • cayley says:

    We make sure to go to performances (e.g. in December each class sings a couple songs and in the spring they have a skit) but don’t always make it to the parties. I try to bring something (at drop-off) so I’m contributing, and my husband and I trade off which things to attend, but I don’t feel bad about not making it to them all. Mother’s day is another one to make time for, though, because since it revolves around Mom, it’s more apparent when Mom isn’t there.

  • Madonna says:

    I have a flexible work schedule and try to make it to all of E’s parties. At the beginning of the year, most of the parents were in attendance and at the last one only about half were there. Those of us that were there just helped out the kids who didn’t have parents in attendance during the parent/child craft. My parents some how made it to all of our events in one way or another and I hope to continue that with E and A. And I’m thankful for the flexible schedule to allow for it to happen!

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