World’s Hardest Job, yep


I am sure by now many of you have seen the video floating around about the world’s hardest job. Essentially it interviews applicants (male and female) and describes a job that no sane person could ever be interested in, right? The applicants responses are pretty hilarious, ranging from “Is that even legal?!” to “Ummm no”. At the end of the video the applicants are told that billions of people all over the world already hold this job. Moms.

Yes, I cried at work watching this. Then I got to thinking… I could add in some additional qualifications for those of us that are working moms and dads, who have 2 jobs essentially if you follow the logic from this post.


  • Candidates must be excellent judges of character to have the ability to select alternate employers for the associate that provide a high level of care and  that you can afford to pay with your second job.
  • Candidates must be gentle and considerate when waking the associate to attend the co-employer, at times this involves bribes and coercion.
  • Candidate be on time to pick up “associate”, NO exceptions. Being late will actually cost you money.
  • Phone calls from the co- employer means dropping everything to take the call. At times it means leaving immediately to pick up and tend to their every need.
  • While working your second job you may be forced to work while sick as you will have used all your sick days to care for the associate.
  • Candidate should be expertly skilled at crock pot meals and meals that take less then 30 mins to make. Meals are to begin preparation the moment you walk into the door.
  • Candidate shall have skills to clean clothing on the fly before showing up to second job, as the associate is prone to spills, on you.
  • Evenings at your job can and will consist of shuttling associate  to and from activities that begin at or before you are scheduled to be home. Most evenings you will not change into your second job’s uniform (yoga pants) until after the associate is in bed.

I’ll add that this is in no way a working moms vs stay at home moms post… there were items in the original video that do not apply to me. I get to sit down most of the day! I just felt that there were items missing that applied to those of us with 2 jobs!

What else would you add to the working mom’s job description? I know I am missing items!



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