Missing Moments

As working parents, we are often away from our children for hours upon hours every week. It’s a necessity. It’s everyday. It’s part of our life.

We choose caregivers for our children as wisely as we can. Whether they are at a daycare, an in-home center, with a nanny, or even loving family members. We choose people we trust & who we hope love & foster growth & development in our children almost as much as we do.

And as working parents, away from our children with these caregivers, we hope our children continue to develop in our absence.

I don’t hope actually. I pray they do. Honestly, I’m paying a lot of money every week to make sure in my absence, Lucy & Zach are learning, eating, sleeping & growing both socially & intellectually while I’m away from them.

There are days when we pick up Lucy & Zach from daycare & they’re singing a new song or saying numbers they didn’t know yesterday. And my heart aches a little that I didn’t teach her the ABC song first. That I didn’t see Zach fall asleep without a paci. Or that I didn’t create that shamrock artwork with them. There are a myriad of other examples I could mourn over missing.

But instead, I focus on what I’m not missing.

Moments like my 22 mo old Lucy asking me “How are you?” on Tuesday morning & her telling me “eyes pretty”  on Thursday night (I’d had a work meeting that day & actually put on makeup). And Zach & my husband playing ball & Z getting so excited about helping me with laundry. Then there is our family bedtime routine of hugs & kisses all around.

And I also hope (I don’t presume to know) that William & Kate, upon hearing that the little Prince George crawled for the first time while he was with caregivers & not them, cheered over his meeting this exciting milestone! That as parents, they know there are many other special moments they won’t miss. Like the big smile he shares with just his Mum & Daddy upon their return!

How do you feel about missing moments? 


  • HeatherK says:

    Both my son and daughter attend(ed) home daycare from birth to age 4 (my daugher will be leaving this June, sob!!). Our provider’s policy was not to tell us when our kids had a milestone under her watch. As far as I knew, the first time both of my kids crawled/walked/talked/etc was with me and my husband. I preferred it this way and still think that this is a great policy! Obviously this doesn’t work for art projects or songs!

  • Madonna says:

    We had a similar policy with our provider as HeatherK above. If our kids hit a milestone that day – steps, crawl, word, etc. – she just told us they were close to doing it. We then went home and worked on whatever it was. I didn’t know if it was her real first step or just her second set of first steps, but we saw it and I was okay with that. (The only one I didn’t have to know about first was potty training – I was okay with her handling that!)
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