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Um, we have a little problem…


In my last post I wrote about how I needed some space. I’ve got plenty of downtime as my husband is travelling for work but as a new “SAHM trying to be a WAHM”, I feel as though I’m falling short in every area of my life. I’m also trying to navigate a new city and that leads me to my “little problem”.

I need time to work… but I need money for childcare… but I cant afford childcare unless I can work. It’s a viscous cycle.

We are renting a home in a quiet part of town. I don’t particularly like the area but rent was cheap, the neighborhood is safe, and it’s easy access to all the major freeways and airport. It’s nice, for now. But I’m ready to get Liam into a pre-school or part-time daycare so that he can get more social interaction and I can get more work done. Most of the programs are ending soon, off for the summer, and starting again in September. A year from now we’d love to buy a house and, as you can seen from that map up above, Nashville is very spread out. If I commit to childcare in our area I’m afraid it may be too far away from wherever we end up a year from now. Our poor son has been through so much change and I’m trying to give him stability in these formative, young years. I would really love to know where we’ll end up next year so that I can start hanging out in that area, going to that branch of the library and YMCA or finding a church in that area.

So, does anyone have a crystal ball I can borrow because I’d really love to see into the future.

I welcome your advice! Have any of you had any experience with temporary housing and trying to get established in a new city? How has your toddler reacted to big transitions?



  • Jes says:

    That is a toughie!!! Especially about wanting to avoid more change for Liam, which makes perfect sense. I wish you could find someone to come to your place and help you who, if it were a good fit, could also commute to where you end up buying a place. But finding the right person is never easy, and turnover is usually higher for in-home care than it is at any center-based care. Have you thought about researching the school districts you would want to live in to narrow it down further? Then maybe you could connect with the parents at Liam’s new daycare center to even find a great house down the road. I don’t envy you hun and hope you can find something that works soon!
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    • Lindsy says:

      An in-home nanny would be great but I think he needs the structure and social interaction that a daycare can provide. I’m seeking out some that will allow part-time and I’m trying to find a gym in a central location (probably downtown) that has childcare and programs included.

      As for school districts… it’s kind of the haves and the have-nots in Nashville – and the good schools are in REALLY expensive areas. There’s not a lot of in-between. But I will definitely do more research! Thanks, Jes!
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