A Working Breastfeeding Mom’s Dream

I’m about a month out from returning to work and I’ve got all the things swirling around in my head. Mostly, it’s logistical junk. I think any breastfeeding momma can attest to the fact that figuring out a good schedule and gleaning any tips and tricks for the pumping momma at work is a top priority. And I was thinking about this even before returning to work as my teaching schedule is going to change my new position at work. I made sure I still had my planning period at the right part of my day so my pumping schedule made sense.

I’ve got all my extra pumping parts squared away.  I got a PackIt (not an affiliate link) to store pumped milk. And I’ve got a great support system at work to aid me in any way possible to make sure I don’t feel stressed about this.  It’s daunting being a teacher and not having as much free time as other working momma’s to make time to pump, but I’m grateful that last year when the schedule was being created, that my VP, with no questions asked, changed my planning period for this school year to accommodate my pumping requests. It makes such a world of difference to have such an understanding boss, especially a male boss.

As this is my second time at this pumping at work rodeo, it feels good, though, to try out new things.  And really, as a second time parent in general, I’ve been doing some things differently.  One product that I wish I had the first time around is the Nurse Purse. It’s pretty genius really.

Nurse PurseThe Nurse Purse was created by Adrienne Frohlich. She was a working mom returning to work after having her son and wasn’t a fan of all the bags she had to carry, so she got on her sewing machine and began creating her own bag that could hold her pump, plus all of the other things us working momma’s have to bring with us to work. I just love an innovative working momma!

I’ve been using the Fern Nurse Purse, pictured above, for nearly a month now, and I LOVE it! I haven’t been back to work yet, but I have been out and about, missing some feedings, and instead of carrying around the not so pretty bag my breast pump came in, I’ve been carrying this one around. It was super easy to remove my pump from the original bag and place it in the Nurse Purse, which can accommodate Medela pumps, like I have, with extra space to store the cords and tubing. And if you remove the divider, it can also house bigger pumps like the Hygeia or Ameda.

interior nurse purseThere is tons of storage as well.  The Nurse Purse has fit my PackIt plus my pumping parts, with lots of room to spare.  I know once I return to work, I’ll have plenty of room for all my papers I bring back and forth to school, plus my lunch and personal belongings will fit easy peasy.  Plus there’s plenty of room for me to bring my laptop along too.

Overall, Adrienne really gets what working mommas need. We need organization, storage, functionality, and of course a good looking bag to carry around.

side nurse purseinside nurse purse

Make sure to stop by and check out all there is to know about the Nurse Purse. Like how the material is water and stain resistant, and super easy to wipe clean. Any pumping working momma will just fall in love with it. And it would make a perfect gift for any new momma who will be returning to work too boot!

Adrienne would like to offer the readers of LWM 20% off the purchase of their very own Nurse Purse! Simply plug in the code LWM20 at checkout!  And make sure to like Nurse Purse on Facebook too! Let’s support our fellow working mommas and spread the word about this innovation to let everyone know of this working breastfeeding mom’s dream!

Disclosure: I was sent the Nurse Purse to try out, but all of the above opinions are my own. The Nurse Purse REALLY is a working breastfeeding mom’s dream come true!

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  • molly says:

    This is amazing, Tracy! I go back to work next week (wahhhh!) and I would love to have something like this. It is way better than that small black polyester bag!
    molly recently posted..Sawyer SmilesMy Profile
    Twitter: adayinmollywood

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