Born Free and the Working Mom

I’ve been a fan of Born Free products since my first daughter was born.  There bottles were great for my breastfeeding kiddo as she transitioned to daycare.  She took them like a champ. So of course when Born Free reached out to me to check out some of their new products, I gladly accepted.

I find myself getting more and more crunchy the older I get and the more kids I have, and Born Free continues to evolve with their products in the same direction. One way is with their Born Free Snack Bag which is a reusable and washable snack pouch.

83090_IMG_N-FEEDING_FEAT1_466x302 Now I know this snack bag was made with the kiddo in mind, but honestly, this is perfect for the working momma, especially a breastfeeding and pumping one who is gearing up to go back to work and will be snacking through the day to keep my breast milk supply up. But most importantly, I’m really psyched to cut my carbon footprint as I nom my way through the work day. And isn’t the pattern gorgeous!  It will be a great accoutrement for this working momma.

Their designs on all of their new products are really beautiful, and their Calm Muslin Blankets are no exception. And the bonus is that they come in a pack of three and are very reasonably priced.

happy_new_year-300x214My oldest daughter, who is now 4, still adores and plays with muslin blankets, and I’m thinking Olive will be carrying her Born Free Calm Muslin blankents around for years to come, though I’m probably going to snag one to use as a nursing cover when we are out and about and it will also be perfect to use as a cover while I’m pumping in my classroom.  Yes, I can lock my door, but there are people with keys to my classroom so having a muslin blanket to cover up will be great.

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Born Free would like to offer all of you mommas a chance to have a sampling of their new items.  One lucky winner will win all of these amazing Born Free products!

  1. Born Free Giveaway
  1. Born Free Snack Bag This is perfect for the eco-conscious family as you can carry just about any snack in it on the go, bring it home and wash it up and have ready for the next day.
  2. Bottle Insulator This bottle insulator will keep bottles warmer for longer periods of time and are easy to wipe off. Plus it’s pretty snazzy looking too boot!
  3. Calm Muslin Blankets – 3 Pack All moms know of the amazingness of muslin blankets. They are super soft and get even softer with each wash. As well, they are very breathable – perfect as a summer nursing cover as well as for swaddling baby.
  4. Soft Clean Bibs – 3 Pack These bibs have that amazing muslin on one side and terry cloth on the other.
  5. Pacifier Pouch This pouch can store up to two pacifiers and is machine washable.
  6. Deco Bottle – 3 Pack  These bottles are great to help reduce colic as they have leak-free ActiveFlow® venting technology. They also have natural milk flow similar to breastfeeding, allowing babies to control the flow and helps to reduce nipple confusion.

Born Free is also a company committed to educating parents. As  March is Colic Awareness Month, Born Free is doing it’s part to help educate about colic and how to help as they offer tons of support to moms and dads. Make sure to check out their colic awareness page as they provide support, as they don’t just create bottles to help reduce colic and gas, but also offer advice. New moms, especially working mommas, don’t have time for colic!

Make sure you also check out Born Free on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all their new products and find out about other opportunities to win their amazing items!

To enter, simply comment below and tell me about the little one you hope to win the package for. Then enter below via Rafflecopter. (NOTE: If you are a first time commenter, your comment will appear once I approve it.)

Disclosure:  Born Free provided me with the Born Free Snack Bag and Muslin Blankets for review.  All of the opinions above are mine.

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