Working Moms Aint Got Time For That!

I’ve been a working mom for 4 years now.  I’ve done a lot of learning and growing a long the way. And one of the biggest lessons I’ve gleaned over the years is to prioritize my time.  There are more things worth making time for than others. I’ve put health and fitness as a top priority before as I’m working up to that again as I’m just two months post giving birth to Olive. And I’m back to physical therapy to get my feet fixed so I can get back to being fit sooner than later, which has turned into me-time – time that I am working to realize I need and am feeling less guilty about.

I finally caved and outsourced cleaning.  Even on maternity leave, I’d rather not spend time doing that. Two kids is busy even when I’m home all day with them. It’s one less thing I have to worry about each week. I’ve breathed a sigh of relief over this lately, and I’m not even back to work yet.  And I’m not the only working momma who decided to give up this time and gain other time as Jenn waved the white flag too. And oh, is it such sweet relief to do so.

As a mom of two now, I’ve realized the little things matter – those quick moments I can steal away to make the bigger moments more impactful. And I know once I return to work, my time will becoming a juggling act that I need to figure out all over again with two kiddos in tow.

Another momma knows how precious time with your little ones can be.  It’s Lisa Youngelson, creator of Zippyz. She was irritated at all the time it simply took to clothe her son, Ryan, as well as all that time wasted with diaper changes. Lisa knew there had to be a better way, and she decided to start her own business to fix this problem.  You’ve got to love that dedication.  Nothing can stop a determined momma and I love how her determination turned into her having a successful business with Zippyz – a mom run business!

The genius behind her company are footed pajamas that zip from the bottom.  Brilliant, right!  And the zipper stops at the belly as the top has several buttons to keep baby warm during those middle of the night diaper changes.

Zippyz 1

When my husband first saw the Zippyz footed pajamas I got for Olive, his first thought was the same too.  Time saving for the win! Plus no more buttoning and re-buttoning sleepers.  Too much wasted time when we’d rather be snuggling our little one.

As a parent, you learn to appreciate the small things that save you time.  And as a working parent, sometimes you appreciate these little gems even more! Famed working momma, Giuliana Rancic also touts her love for the simplicity and brilliance of Zippyz as she recently said in Parade Magazine, “My favorite onesies are Zippyz – just unzip the bottom and baby stays warm and clothed while you change.”

What I also dig about Zippyz is the material.  It’s super soft and made of an organic cotton and bamboo blend.  I’ve bought other pajamas for my girls in the past, and these are by far the softest ever!

zippyz 2

Lisa wants to share Zippyz with all of you working mommas too! She’s giving away 1 boy and 1 girl footed pajamas. All you need to do to enter is simply comment on which one you’d like to win. Then make sure to enter via Rafflecopter below once you’ve commented and see other ways to enter too.

Lisa is also offering the Liberating Working Moms’ readers a 25% discount code. Simply use LWM25 at checkout.


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