Snow Days and the Working Mom

The forecast Monday mentioned the ‘s’ word. I was already juggling working while L was home sick {under my Dad’s care} getting over a case of pneumonia. So seeing that ‘s’ word was just another thing added to my stress list.

A stop at Target to pick up working-mom snowed-in essentials like bread, another 1/2 gallon of organic milk, peanut butter, fruit, yogurt & a bottle of wine meant we’d be fed no matter what happened. {As an aside, anyone else recall the prekids days when snow day essentials were pretty much frozen pizza & beer? Ah, how times change.}

Essentials purchased, Tuesday we waited with mixed emotions. Excited for L & Z to see & experience snow. Yet a bit trepidatious over what this incoming inclement weather would bring for my work & their daycare schedules.

My office decided to close at 3 which meant I rushed through 8 hours of work in 6 while trying to do even more in fear {& excitement?!} that we’d be closed Wed. I made it to daycare with 1/2 hour to spare before they closed at 4. And thankfully {especially after watching news of the traffic horrors in GA & AL}, L, Z & I made it home safely about an hour before the first flake fell.

We snuggled in fuzzy pjs & watched the snow fall Tuesday night. L & Z blissfully went off to bed while the husband & I stayed up checking roads, email & news for daycare & work closings. Around 10p, I got word both my office & their daycare we’re to be closed {husband knew he’d work from home}. Cue leaps for joy & a bit of thoughts like ‘what will we do all day?!’ before turning off my alarms.


Things I learned from my weekday snow day as a SAHM. If I did this more often, I’d need to follow an activity schedule. We had no where to go, but we didn’t love that we couldn’t get out. L & Z know how to trash a room in 5 minutes like nobodies business. It is possible to read an entire basket of children’s board books in a day. They can misplace my library book & the TCP coupon I planned to use in spots I can not discover. Z, our daredevil, loved playing in our 3″ of snow. L liked looking at it better from inside. We need to buy a shovel, snow pants for the kiddos, sleds & a winter hat for me before next year.

Again last night {while I cleaned up, did another laundry load & searched for my missing items}, my husband & I played the ‘will they or won’t they open’ game about daycare. We guessed won’t? So I skipped prepping dates for sippy cups but set out 4 & packed up a diaper bag just in case. Turns out work & daycare opened on a delay.

After an at times slippery winter wonderland drive to daycare & then work, I’m again trying to fit 8 hours of work into 5 working hours. I’m grateful for a daycare that will open when county schools are closed. I’m grateful to work for a company that’s flexible enough for working moms to come in late. I’m grateful I was able to pit aside the stress & experience the smiles of first their big snowfall playing from Z & L.


  • Nikki says:

    That sounds like a day that would! I can’t handle not knowing if I am to go in to work or not. Three times this school year I’ve prepped for a sub so I can attend a mandatory training, only to be called back to my class when a sub didn’t show up. Now when I’m assigned a training (like today, actually!), I check my email every hour to make sure I know where I’m going. I know that doesn’t even compare to a day of being completely snowed in, but I can relate to work overload is all I’m saying ;) By the way, your twins and mine are almost the same age!
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