Blown Away by Her Growth and Looking Forward to Homework.

Tracing_and_matchingI am continuously blown away by what my daughter has learned while she is at preschool. I don’t get as much time with her since I work all day, so she spends 10.5 hours with her teachers. In my mind, Zoey is still a tottering toddler, a little baby that I need to care for, dress, help go potty, brush teeth, bathe, swaddle… or maybe not. Here’s my reality check: she’s 3.5 years old. She’s not a baby anymore; she’s officially a “kid”, which she likes to remind me of about three times a day. “Mommy, I’m a girl and a kid. You’re a woman and a mom.”

Got it.

She brings home papers every day that contain a variety of things, from matching colors and shapes to tracing her letters. Tracing her letters. Since when can she trace letters? And so well, too! I needed to see the action for myself so I had her sit down one day and I created a couple different alphabet tracing sheet for her, including one that was just for her name.

She. Did. Awesome. When did she get so big? So old?

At 3.5 years old, she can hold a pencil better than I thought she could. She can almost perfectly recite her ABCs. She can count to 20, although sometimes she confuses 17 for 14 and might skip 18. Not only that, but she visually recognizes most of those numbers, too. She can sing songs and nursery rhymes that I didn’t even know she knew. She’s starting to really recognize what days come after each other.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to teach her all those things.

Sure, I work with her on them, but getting to spend hardcore time just diving into teaching? We don’t get to do that very often outside of life teachings like cooking and how to do puzzles. I can take credit for teaching her to remember her address. For the most part, I try to just reinforce the things she learns in preschool and I try to remind myself that it’s okay that these teachings didn’t originate from me, this is what I pay other people for and it’s not just babysitting.

It’s mind blowing what they learn at different ages. I am so glad that she’s in such a great program where she is learning all day and not just watching TV. She is learning, hardcore, and she’s good at it. I’m pretty sure that when I was 3.5 years old, I wasn’t half as accomplished as she is right now.

I know that as she gets older, it’ll only become more astonishing to experience the things she learns. Eventually, someone will fully teach her math and science, which is where I completely fall short anyway. When she gets into English and grammar, that is when I will become super mom and I absolutely cannot wait. I can’t wait for her to have homework.

I’m sure some of you just said, “excuse me?”

You read that right. I am ready for her to have homework. Why? Because it will force me to invest more time in the formal educational side of raising her. I want to be more hands on with her teachings and until the day comes where I can homeschool, if ever, homework is where I will get my moment. Obviously, there are opportunities around every corner for learning something, but when it comes to the book smarts, I’m not the one who leads that right now, so I am continuously blown away by what she is learning that clearly did not come from me. I want that to change.

What about you, moms? What is your child learning in school that blows your mind?

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Jessi is the wife to her high school sweetheart Glenn and mother to Zoey Liz (“Peach”, born 2010). A marketing professional by day, nurturing mother and blogger by night, she is determined to not sacrifice precious motherhood for too much work and is currently on a quest to discover her balance. Jessi blogs about adventures in motherhood and hurdles with PCOS+infertility at Life Abundant. You can also follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


  1. Angela says:

    I totally understand the desire to be involved with your child’s learning, but this year when Landon started kindergarten, I was BLOWN away by how much homework he has! I’m talking about several assignments EVERY night, and obviously he’s just 5 and in his first year of “real” school, so every assignment requires assistance & guidance, but there’s also always more than just worksheets, there’s also a game and activity that you must do as a family, or things that include cutting and gluing (omg do these people realize how much work this is for the parents?! and he is not the only child in the house might I add). I definitely get the value and importance of these activities, but when you work a full time job, spend an hour in traffic, barely get to daycare on time, rush home, hope you’ve planned ahead for dinner, eat & feed, shower yourself and the kids, try to get everyone in bed on time, and hope there’s not a lot of laundry & dishes to do, 4 different homework assignments every single night is excessive. It causes so much stress in our household to try to get it done and usually causes us to get to bed late, and whats most annoying to me is that it has made me not enjoy our reading time at night because after homework, I am rushing through the book because I do not have time for all this. Not to mention those days when Landon has gotten in trouble at school because then I have to do homework PLUS discuss his excessive talking, etc. to make sure it doesn’t happen again. At the end of the week we turn in a Homework folder FULL of stuff. At this point I’m just OVER the massive amounts of homework. Can we just keep it to a couple of worksheets per night? We won’t even get into the guilt I feel for not “enjoying” doing homework full of arts & crafts with scissors on a work/school night. aaah I’m stressed right now just telling you about it. May the Christmas holiday go as slow as possible ;)

  2. Christy says:

    Just wait until the day comes when she has classea you can no longer help jer with at all. I am like you in that I am an English person, but my 16 year old is a math whiz and in 10th grade is taking classes I have never had, even in college. It is amazing to watch them grow and know they are learning more than the schools ever taught us in school, and frustrating at the same time because there comea a time when you are of little or no help in their schoolwork anymore.

  3. Suz says:

    I know they’re just 19 months old but Lucy says A, B, C a lot & will go into D, E, F, G if prompted. When she said it over Christmas week, I thought it was a fluke, but now she sings her ‘ABCs’ on the regular. Like you, sometimes I still think of L & Z as babies, and just when I do, they hit me with the reality that they’re learning oh so much at daycare!
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