The End is Near

After 18+ months of up to 8 times a day nursing & pumping, I’m so close to being done that I can hardly smell the breast milk boob sweat anymore. {TMI?! Please tell this happened to you too?}

We began weaning Thanksgiving weekend cutting out the morning session & no longer offering breastfeeding during the day. I didn’t refuse if L or Z came running up yelling ‘Mommy’ & pulling up/down my sweater, but I wasn’t running around topless like the newborn all-day-buffet-days either.

I’m down to pumping just once during my lunch break & am in the process of backing down my pumping for 20+ minutes to just 10-15 minutes for that one session.

As the end is getting oh-so-near {we have a goal of my going back to work Jan 2nd pump free!}, I’m thinking a celebration of sorts might be in order.

Ladies, did you do anything for yourself or you & your baby to mark this event?

My poor, overworked boobs don’t have a clue about wired, supportive bras as they’ve been in old stretched out VS wireless bras then maternity bras, & spent the last 18 months mostly in nursing tanks. I’m considering the best gift to myself might be a trip to a nice bra store to get the comfort yet major support the girls now need.

And after over 2 years of barely drinking, I’m thinking a weekend night of tipsiness might also be in order! :)

Any other treats you can suggest for the newly pump-free working mom? Can anyone suggest your favorite bra store?

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Suz Brown has worked in the insurance industry since 2004 & has enjoyed being a wife to J since 2007. After overcoming infertility & a crazy multiples pregnancy, Suz has been working for the nights & weekends & happily running wild as a Mommy to preemie twins Zach & Lucy since May 2012. Follow along with Suz's journey as a new working mom & sharing other treats in her life at Suz's Treats & on twitter @suzstreats.


  1. Shannont says:

    I’m still nursing morning and evening but ditched the pump at around a year. And celebrated with a few new bras from VS :) so i say go for that!

  2. Kat says:

    WOW! This marks the end of a big journey! Congrats/good for you guys for sticking it out. I’ve never had a professional fitting (my sad little A’s don’t need it) but I’ve heard good things about Nordstrom. And Cheers to your upcoming tipsy weekend! ;)
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