Confidently Loving What I Do

Confidently Loving What I DoI have this strange hesitation to ever tell people how very much I adore what I do. How each morning I wake up to my dream jobs – a stay at home mom and a work at home mom.

There is a part of me that wants to downplay how most of the time this is incredible. Not always, believe me. There are days when I fall into bed and remember a post I didn’t edit or a giveaway that slipped through the cracks. There are times that Bella needs something right in the middle of a fantastic idea that not writing on in that moment means I’ll forget. Days when everything goes wrong – nasty comments or my blog goes down. Someone misunderstood what I said and I’m left obsessing on the “right” answer for an afternoon.

But the majority of the time, I adore what I do on here. I love not only working from home, but working as a writer. This fulfills a creative part of me that nothing else ever could.

I’ll drive down the street and think of what I want to share on my blog, and play with the wording in my head. Over and over, not even aware I’m doing it, until it hits and just like that I have to write it down somewhere. The perfect wording. That moment is addictive.

I have a sitter come so I can pack up my computer 2-3 times a week and head to Starbucks to write and drink coffee. I forget at times how blessed I am to do that.

I was a The Influence Conference in September to speak, and while out to dinner one night with a group of girls, my friend Raechel said to me, “Isn’t this amazing? We have the best jobs in the world.”

I think so. I can’t think of a better fit for my personality and our life. There isn’t anything else I’ve ever loved to do for work as much as this, and I’ve had some pretty awesome jobs as a nanny and teacher. Blogging allows me to be home with Bella, to have a job wherever the military moves us, to homeschool, and to connect with women around the world who understand parts of my life I thought no one would.

I don’t know why even writing this feels so – awkward. I think it’s because most of us women are so used to apologizing for loving and being good at what we do. From motherhood to a CEO. We all compete with each other too – so that doesn’t help. No one wants to say, “Hey, I’m great at this!” if we think someone else is going to roll their eyes or put us down.

At BlogHer’12, Martha Stewart spoke on her company. I was so impressed to hear her own her success and love of what she does. Sure, that video came out this year of her ripping on bloggers, but what I took away from her BlogHer talk was how refreshing it was to hear a woman love what she did and be ok talking about her hard work.

So this month? I am thankful for my job. Thankful for another income that makes our life a little easier. Thankful that I love what I do and where all of this has taken me. In the hard year we’ve had, I think blogging has been one of my saving graces.


  • Shelly Gilliland says:

    I am a birth doula and I sometimes feel the same way when I tell people what I “do.” Or even when I say “I am a grandma who is fortunate to get to play with all 6 of her young grandchildren EVERY week,” or “I am a quilter.” I thought my hesitation came from my hard-working, blue-collar family upbringing. I “learned” (through osmosis) that work is hard, nobody likes it, and you’ll have to do it until you die. Been unlearning this for a very LONG time!

  • Truly the greatest job ever. Thank you for sharing and for being so transparent! It inspires a lot of us!
    Jessi Wallace recently posted..Progesterone – The Phantom PregnancyMy Profile

  • It’s true!!! Totally horrible days, for sure. But the good ones (which are a lot of them!!) are so, so good! xoxo

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