Finding Time to Be Healthy as a WAHM

20131021-133649.jpgBetween Bella, my home, meals, errands, homeschool, therapy, and working full time from home, the thought of adding in “just one more” thing is enough to send me scrambling to find time.

When the one more thing is exercise?

I seem to find the time “not” to. Because really, I’m just always too busy for that.

But at my 8 week postpartum check up (because I put it off after losing my son), my blood pressure and weight were both up past a point I felt comfortable with. I’ve never been rail thin, but I am a lot heavier with back to back pregnancies in 18 months. It’s simply not healthy for me.

Without beating myself up mentally, I decided to work on changing this. So I sleep better, I fit into my clothes again, and I feel like I’m doing something for me.

I wasn’t sure how to go about this. I didn’t want to take sitter time to head to the gym when I use that for working. I’m home enough of the week it seemed like there should be a way to do it here.

So I bought a Gazelle (I’d had one before for years and loved it). I wanted to do it at set times each weekday. However, I knew if I locked myself in with “do it at 9am or just tell yourself what a loser you are for not doing it” I wouldn’t get very far. Not every day was going ot be a 9am workout. In fact, most aren’t. My goal is:

– when you have 30 minutes.

Usually this falls when Bella goes down for a nap. I can do it while she’s up but there’s the constant thirsty/hungry/need thing that means I’m always getting on and off the Gazelle. I watch The Good Wife (just started it – amazing) to keep me distracted and not watching the clock, and for 20-25 minutes I work out. Then I lay out my yoga mat, stretch, and cool down.

To make it smoother, I lay out a snack Bella can reach if she wakes up early, turn off my phone so it’s not that little ding that I just need to check and find myself watching a YouTube on cats 20 minutes later, and bought easy clothes to change into quickly beforehand.

Honestly? It would be easier to just skip this interruption, and yes, I still see it as that for now. Working from home means that my self control (or lack of) is really challenged often. I have so many of my own deadlines and responsibilities that throwing in yet another that isn’t paid for or sees results immediately is hard to rationalize at times. The “I could be” thoughts run through my head as I put on my shoes and pull on a t-shirt. Every day.

My goal is that this soon becomes a part of my daily routine. Like clearing out the dishwasher or doing laundry. Not so fun. But needed for the bigger picture. In this case my healthy and happiness.

30 some minutes doesn’t tip my day over.

What are some of the ways you find time to stay healthy when life gets busy?


  • I struggle with this every day. I want to run, I love to run, but I never have time to run. I just can’t do it with a preschooler and a baby, and I’m home alone with them all day until about 6pm, and now it’s getting dark early. On the weeks that I do get out, I feel a million times better and my eternal PPD (or is it just D?) seems to lift a little. But for now, running is a luxury that I don’t see often.

    But, on those days when I do lack motivation, I just keep telling myself to take care of my babies’ mama. To look at yourself that way can help you do it when it seems like a nuisance.

  • Jamie says:

    I try to do something similar. Yesterday, I set my work laptop on the treadmill and walked while waiting for emails. It isn’t ideal, but it works. I also get up early — 4:30 or 5 — before everyone else is up and Mike leaves for work — to get in a run or go to the gym when I have time.

    I also have a FitBit so I just try to stay more active throughout the day. It really does help!

  • Angela says:

    I enroll myself in a bootcamp 3x a week.
    I know it is not for everyone but knowing that I need to be at this class every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9:30-10:30 is what gets me out the door. There is NO excuse and I have other people bugging me if I am not there.
    On days when I am not at bootcamp, I too watch a show and do a workout for 20-30 minutes once the kids are in school.
    Way to go for taking initiative and getting it done :)

  • I totally wish we had space in our home for something like this, but we just don’t. Good for you for making a goal and making steps to help yourself achieve it!
    Becky @ bybmg recently posted..Morning at the Pumpkin RanchMy Profile

  • Madonna says:

    Props to you! I’m currently struggling with this. When our finances hit the fan earlier this year, the first thing to go was the gym membership and then when we moved, I tripled my commute time to 60 minutes each way.

    We moved the treadmill in front of the “man cave” television, and I’m working on finding time to get on it. I know it will be much better for my overall health; it’s just reminding myself it needs to be a priority! I’ve set myself some mini goals with rewards (3 new iTunes songs!) and the like to hopefully get me where I want to be.
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  • Joanna says:

    I’ve been going at night, right after LO goes to bed. He’s down by 7:30, I change and head out. This is getting me there 2-3 times per week. The other days I try to walk a little after lunch and as a family when we get home.

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