Preschool Throws My Whole Schedule Off

photo1I’d first like to say that after a week of awful tear filled drop offs, my son LOVES his new preschool. We chose a Montessori school in the hopes that a child led learning environment would work with his personality and learning style. So far it seems like a great choice. We’ve already noticed a huge change in the way he plays and the way he communicates. Both for the better! We’re happy with our decision, but there has been some serious changes to my day.

Prior to September I had the pleasure of dropping off at 7 or so and getting in to work at about 7:30. I’m a morning person so I never minded the early mornings. I’d take an hour long lunch and be out the door by 4:30. I had at least a half hour to myself at home to decompress and get dinner going before the boys arrived. Other than having to raise the dead toddler each morning to mixed results… it was a pretty dang good routine. In hindsight I never appreciated this schedul nearly enough. So let’s talk about what my schedule looks like now.

7:00 am – Get out of bed and jump in the shower (this is the best part of the whole deal!!)

7:15: Kid wakes up and I plop him onto the couch for some Power Rangers with his breakfast (banana, dry cereal, and a glass of milk generally). I get ready and we’re out the door by 8. Generally it’s a decent morning.

8:30: Drop off at school

9:15 Get into work (keep in mind I am supposed to be there at 9)

12:00: Half hour lunch

5:30 FINALLY off work

6:15 Arrive home, start making dinner immediatly

7:00 Dinner on the table

8:30 Kid goes to bed (only about an hour with him in the evenings now after dinner, wah.)

So, here’s my observation… apparently EVERYTHING takes longer after 8am? I have always been an early into work gal so this just feels so weird. Traffic seems worse, my parking garage is full so I am stuck on one of the top floors, and when I am in after everyone there’s been an unexpected consequence… I am bombarded the SECOND I walk in. No more hour of quiet to get my day going, drink my coffee, and plan my day out. It feels like my days are a blur and I haven’t felt caught up since the new schedule started. I am waiting for the day that I feel like I am used to this… is it coming?


  • HeyBeckyJ says:

    Your new schedule looks similar to mine. And yes, the demands start as soon as I walk in the door at work; sometimes I don’t even make it to my desk! I find it helpful to “reverse” my day. Instead of revving up, and starting the day with planning, I wind down and end each day by planning for the next. Around 4:30, I start to wrap up any major projects, sort and file away email, and get a rough outline for the next day. Then, the next day, I can start with a clear idea of what I want to get done. It takes a bit of shifting, but it’s all in the mindset. Good luck!

  • mandy says:

    Totally sympathize. Everything takes longer and seems more frantic after 8am for me too. My husband now does dropoff and I do pickup because he has the shorter commute and likes working later. I really need that calm hour in the mornings to plan things out at work. Good luck!

  • Allison says:

    Me too! I used to get in by 7:45 and accomplished in an hour and a half about half the day’s work. But now, with a switch to real preschool, I’m not in until nearly 9. Argh! I feel half as productive and like I’m barely keeping my head above water. I’m thinking about seeing if my boss will let me get in just a smidge later if I get an hour of work in from home before the kiddos get up. Because I do not want to be leaving later. Come 5 o’clock I want to be shutting down, not staying another hour to make up for getting in late!

  • Mommy, Esq. says:

    Absolutely I can relate! When you get in later it feels like you are scrambling to catch up to where everyone is. One way I addressed this (the need to have more hours in the office) was to get to work more like 9:30/9:45 but stay until 6 or 6:30 and let my husband do the evening routine (I had a 45-60 min commute until recently). That way I would spend time with the kids in the AM and he would in the evening. He traveled a lot so those days I worked at home and locked myself away. Or you could do the staying late just a couple of days a week. Things get a lot dicey when you are in “real” school (homework!). I agree with Becky that I mentally plan (or even write out) the night before our routine for getting ready, what I’ll pack for lunch (I don’t like packing the night before), what meetings I have, etc. It keeps me calmer at least.
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  • lisa says:

    Just a thought…why not try getting your son to bed earlier, and waking him up earlier, so your morning are not so rushed? Since you only have an hour with him in the evenings, maybe you can try for some quality time in the am. With him getting to sleep earlier, you will have some extra time to prep dinner for the next night, or have some down time

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