Literally Working From Home. Part 2.

2013-07-29 10.48.17-1A couple of weeks ago I posted on how I’m no longer physically able to work out of the home writing anymore. This pregnancy has taken a toll on my body that I didn’t expect, and sitting on a chair/booth/soft poof of a cloud seems to tip my back and hips over the edge.

Normally when my sitter is here about 3 mornings a week, 2 of those are spent working at a local cafe. The other is going to the Dr. I have loved doing this, my own quiet time to write and edit. I also know how blessed I am to have the chance to do that, so I haven’t taken it for granted. I was worried about how working at home would happen. Would our sitter be ok with me being in the other room? What if Bella decided to flip out and need me? Would I hear them the entire time?

Really the biggest question was if I could work from home without distracting myself by laundry, cleaning, the dog barking, a child, etc?

The first day was a little sketchy. I wasn’t sure if I should tell Bella I was going to be in my room, or just quietly head in there. She was so busy playing she didn’t even look up as I said I’d see her soon, so that solved it. I had a full 2 1/2 hours to myself to work, kept the dog in a crate in the room, and turned on our awesome sound machine. I think I heard Bella maybe twice and that was it.

When I came out, our sitter laughingly told me that Bella had heard me talking on the phone and asked why I hadn’t left. She didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

We’ve done this routine several times since then. It works better each time, and I have realized what a huge help it will be to have her here and I’m able to take the new baby and go nap/nurse/lay on the bed while Bella is having fun.

I do miss having a reason to dress up and get out of the house for a while. I miss the hot coffee and the people watching as I paused between assignments. I know that it’s not going to happen again for a while either. Of course our baby is worth more than any quiet time, but it truly was something I enjoyed and looked forward to.

Here’s to hoping our sitter follows us to North Carolina in a few months, because that would eliminate so much stress in our lives to have her there.


  • Suz says:

    Is there a chance that your sitter will also be re-locating? That’d be amazing!
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  • Mommy, Esq. says:

    I just became a work at hom parent this summer. However, from my experience in the past trying to “work” while watching my 3 kids (when the nanny was sick or on vacation) I knew that it would be a challenge. I have a dedicated home office but it’s on the first floor and no lock. Therefor I find myself “hiding” in my bedroom or the upstairs gameroom/office (my husband’s computer) when the kids are about to get home. I also found that a reliable afternoon sitter who can sometimes pick up the slack for a sick kid or random school day off is key. Treat her well, don’t nickle and dime and give paid time off to keep someone (all lessons I knew well from having a previous full time nanny when the kids were younger). I do occassionally do a chore during the day but when I ended up working remotely (we moved from MA to Texas) I told my husband that if we didn’t have a full time nanny who did kid laundry/chores that we’d get a housekeeper parttime and fortunately that is pretty inexpensive in Texas. This also allows me to be present for the kids when the babysitter leaves because I’ve been focused on work. And more family time! I encourage our sitter to get the kids out and about so I can focus better and do afternoon calls without worrying about a kid banging on my door. The benefit of no commute helps when it comes to prepping dinner and getting homework (in kindergarten!) done. Many parents would probalby do afternoon daycare but we wanted a “home base” for our kids in the afternoon – this gives them some perks as if there were a SAHM but I get to work too. As some have mentioned the hardest part is no live coworkers but I rely a lot on GoogChat and picking up the phone!
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